333 - George Clooney in love

Los Angeles: na cerimônia do Golden Globe, George Clooney recebeu um prêmio pelo conjunto de sua obra, um reconhecimento antes concedido a monstros sagrados como Walt Disney, Alfred Hitchcock e Robert De Niro. Mas o mítico George não se deixa domar facilmente. Como ele se preparou? Enquanto a esposa Amal escolhia o vestido, ele assistia ao jogo... By Jordan Riefe


On January 11th Mr. and Mrs. George Clooney went to the Beverly Hilton Hotel for the 72nd edition of the Golden Globe Awards. Clooney, who turns 54 this month, received a Cecil B. De Mille Award, a lifetime honour whose previous recipients have included Walt Disney, Alfred Hitchcock, Bob Hope, Jodie Foster, Morgan Freeman and Robert De Niro. At the subsequent press conference Clooney was asked where his career would go from here:


Well, nothing but down, apparently! It seems like just straight down from here. It’s funny, I was a little {tip text=" preocupado" title=" concerned "} concerned {/tip} with that, and then I looked at the list of the names of people who’d won this before, and there were quite a few people quite a bit younger than me, so I felt a little {tip text=" aliviado" title="relieved "} relieved {/tip}! It didn’t make me panic, but it... it's a great honour. I mean, honestly, you look at the names on that list, and it’s a good list of names, so I’m in good company.


When he received his award, Clooney thanked his wife, British-Lebanese human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, whom he married in September. He said: {tip text=" é algo que traz humildade" title=" “It’s a humbling thing"} “It’s a humbling thing {/tip} when you find someone to love: even better when you’ve been waiting your whole life.” At the press conference he was asked whether a lot of thought had gone into that speech:

Well, I think you do think about what you’re going to say to 300 million people – to your wife – {tip text=" com antecedência" title=" ahead of time ]"} ahead of time {/tip}, or you’re really stupid! But I’m having an exceptional year and an exceptional time in my life, {tip text=" estou em um período realmente feliz" title=" I’m really in a happy place "} I’m really in a happy place {/tip}, so it’s nice, I really enjoy my life.


The Golden Globe Awards were held only days after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris. Clooney was asked whether we would be seeing any films about this horrific event:


It's a {tip text=" complexo, complicado" title=" tricky "} tricky {/tip} thing. Art usually falls about — films, not art – but films usually {tip text=" são realizados uns dois anos depois do fato ocorrido" title=" fall a couple years behind the news stories "} fall a couple years behind the news stories {/tip} themselves. It takes time to write a {tip text="roteiro" title=" screenplay "} screenplay {/tip} and stuff, so, you know, right now we're just all trying to process the idea of what the world is going to look like next and hope that we don’t overreact again. You know, we have to be very careful of that, too. There’s a lot of anti-Muslim fervour in parts of Europe, and we have to make sure that that doesn’t get grouped into this horrible, horrible act of violence along the way. So it’s going to take films a period of time {tip text=" chegar lá, recuperar o atraso" title=" to catch up "} to catch up {/tip}.


On a more cheerful note, journalists asked about Amal’s beautiful {tip text=" vestido" title=" gown "} gown {/tip}:


It’s funny, I was talking with Don Cheadle: {tip text=" para os homens é muito mais fácil" title="guys just have it so much easier "} guys just have it so much easier {/tip}. It's honestly not fair! Amal was looking at dresses last night still trying {tip text=" decidir" title=" to figure out "} to figure out {/tip} what she was going to wear, and I was watching the football game! It’s not fair to women at the award shows, but it’s nice, I'm wearing my {tip text=" smoking de casamento" title=" wedding tux "} wedding tux {/tip}, so!


Mr and Mrs George Clooney. Pode soar estranho, mas nos EUA ao se referir a um casal, a esposa assume, além do sobrenome, também o nome do marido. É como se dissessémos em português “Sr. e Sra. Jorge Amado”.

Football. Vale lembrar que George Clooney está falando de futebol americano, já que futebol para os norte-americanos é soccer, que vem de Association Football.

My wedding tux. “O smoking do meu casamento”. Os britânicos dizem dinner jacket ou black tie (literalmente “gravata preta”), já os norte-americanos preferem tux, ou tuxedo. A palavra smoking é utilizada apenas no Brasil (e em alguns outros países latinos).