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Todos envelhecemos, mas nem todos crescemos. Este é o tema do mais recente filme de Jason Reitman, que traz Charlize Theron cínica e imatura, num papel equivalente feminino de Peter Pan. Uma pessoa um tanto desagradável, em quem Charlize dá tudo de si (o que ilustra seu método zen de interpretar).
by Jonathan Cameron.

Charlize Theron won an Oscar for the 2003 movie, Monster, in which she played a prostitute who became a serial killer. It involved {yootooltip title=[putting on weight and becoming ugly]} putting on weight and becoming ugly: engordar e tornar-se feia {/yootooltip}. In her latest movie, the comedy Young Adult, her role is more {yootooltip title=[challenging]} challenging: desafiador {/yootooltip}: she plays an {yootooltip title=[ unpleasant ]} unpleasant: desagradável, odioso {/yootooltip} character, but without changing her physical appearance. Mavis is a woman in her 30s {yootooltip title=[who refuses to grow up]} who refuses to grow up: que recusa-se a crescer {/yootooltip}. She goes back to her hometown determined to seduce {yootooltip title=[her high school sweetheart]} her high school sweetheart: seu namoradinho do colégio {/yootooltip}, who is now married with a small child. The results are disastrous for everyone.
Young Adult is directed by Jason Reitman, whose previous credits include {yootooltip title=[Up in the Air]} Up in the Air: título port: Amor Sem Escalas {/yootooltip}. The {yootooltip title=[ screenplay ]} screenplay: roteiro {/yootooltip} is by Diablo Cody, who worked with Reitman in the movie Juno. Charlize Theron says she is a big fan of Reitman:

Charlize Theron
(Standard American accent):

I fell in love with his work. {yootooltip title=[He set the bar really high]} he set the bar really high: ele estabelece um padrão bem alto {/yootooltip}, I thought, with Up in the Air. {yootooltip title=[ I walked out of that film ]} I walked out of that film: eu saí do cinema depois de ver o filme {/yootooltip} and I remember very vividly just saying to myself, “How did {yootooltip title=[ that bitch ]} that bitch: aquela vadia {/yootooltip} Vera Farmiga get that job? That bitch!” No, ‘cause she was just so amazing in it. I was {yootooltip title=[jealous]} jealous: invejosa {/yootooltip}, I wanted to be in that movie and {yootooltip title=[ I could tell ]} I could tell: pude perceber {/yootooltip} that he, like you said, you watch that movie and you can see that he really knew what movie he wanted to make, and {yootooltip title=[it just hit every emotional beat]} it just hit every emotional beat: e ele acertou todas do ponto de vista emocional {/yootooltip}.

Even though Charlize Theron speaks with a perfect American accent, she is from South Africa. She says she decided to change her voice in order to help her film career. Clearly, she is used to making changes. She was asked about her preparation for an acting role:

Charlize Theron
God, if there was a {yootooltip title=[rulebook]} rulebook: regulamento {/yootooltip}, we could all go and do this, it would be so much easier! And, to be brutally honest with you, there’s a lot about the process that I don’t even understand, you know, I think that we can like sit and be like pretentious about it all day long, but there’s something about acting that really is very specific and it’s trying to catch something very real in a very unreal circumstance. There is a part of that that you have to almost just leave alone and you can’t really talk about or know too much about because {yootooltip title=[ it’s like the magician showing you how to do the trick ]} it’s like the magician showing you how to do the trick: é como se o mágico revelasse seus truques {/yootooltip} and sometimes you don’t want to know how the {yootooltip title=[ rabbit ]} rabbit: coelho {/yootooltip} gets pulled out of the thing, but I think this is why Jason likes {yootooltip title=[ to shoot only three, four takes ]} to shoot only three, four takes: fazer só três ou quatro tomadas {/yootooltip} because I think he understands that there’s like this... one little moment that you’re looking for and you really can’t manipulate it, you can’t become robotic about it, or manufacture it.

And she had more to say about that:

Charlize Theron
If anything, I know that, from the time that I say yes to a project, no matter what it is, I become very, very obsessive about it. It obsessively {yootooltip title=[ takes over every thought process ]} takes over every thought process: domina todos processos de pensamento {/yootooltip} in my mind, so I find myself like walking down the street and seeing somebody do something and I obsessively will take it and {yootooltip title=[put it in a file for the character]} put it in a file for the character: insiro aquilo em um arquivo para a personagem {/yootooltip}. And so just I think I think about it just obsessively and then the work becomes… I can’t really talk about it. I don’t understand people who like {yootooltip title=[ rehearse ]} rehearse: fazer ensaio {/yootooltip} and who do scenes and it’s very intimate almost ‘cause I’m creating something that has secrets and doesn’t want to share them with everything and isn’t like a button that you just switch on and off. It’s almost like my own little dark secret.

Charlize Theron has a “Zen” approach to acting. She believes that you shouldn’t think about it too much:

Charlize Theron
I was very lucky because early on in my career I worked with Robert Redford, who directed me in The Legend of Bagger Vance, with Will Smith and Matt Damon (2000). I had to do a big scene with Matt and I was thinking about it too much and it wasn’t going well. And Robert, probably because he is also an actor, said to me: “Don’t think about this!” He sent everybody to lunch and he said, “I want you to go and do something, anything, except think about this!”
It was a great lesson for me.

Charlize Theron once said that she had not been single since the age of 19, but she is single now. She was asked to confirm this.

Charlize Theron
Yes, I’m currently single! And I’m enjoying it. I’ve always been very comfortable in relationships and I’m very monogamous. But right now it’s good to be comfortable and single!

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