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Ele interpreta um dos personagens mais queridos em Game of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister, um dos poucos que ainda não morreram! O papel já lhe rendeu vários prêmios e indicações ao Emmy e Globo de Ouro, mas também alguns encontros bizarros com fãs! By Jonathan Cameron


Characters in the TV series Game of Thrones tend to die quickly, but so far this hasn’t happened to Tyrion Lannister. He is the dwarf and he is so popular with viewers that the producers don’t want to kill him. This is good news for the American actor who plays him, Peter Dinklage.


Acting is a difficult profession and the career of Peter Dinklage is no exception. He was born in New Jersey in June 1969, the same summer as Woodstock and the Moon Landing . He says he was an angry adolescent, but after high school he studied drama at a prestigious college; Bennington in Vermont. But work didn’t come easily and, like most actors, he had “a day job.” He worked in an office. One day he received a phone call from a man called Tom DiCillo who said he was making a movie. Peter Dinklage thought it was a joke and he hung up. Fortunately, DiCillo rang back five minutes later and said, “No, please, listen, I really am making a movie!” Dinklage went to the casting and got a part. The film was Living in Oblivion with Steve Buscemi. It was released in 1995 and this was the start of Peter Dinklage’s career.


Today Peter Dinklage is married and lives with his wife and child in New York. But he says that “I don’t socialize. I’m a hermit .” He is also a vegan. As for his life as a dwarf, he says, “I now have a sense of humour about it, but I didn’t when I was younger.” Nowadays jokes about blacks and gays are considered politically incorrect, but Dinklage says that people still laugh at dwarfs . In his opinion it’s still “an acceptable prejudice.”


Apart from Game of Thrones, Peter Dinklage has also appeared in movies like The Station Agent and Death at a Funeral . He often plays “dark characters,” but he is also very funny. He once appeared in the TV comedy show Saturday Night Live. His character was an alcoholic called “Peter Drunklage.” He is also a popular guest on chat shows . When he appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, he told a story about an experience in New York. He was walking down the street one morning when a lady said, “I hope you don’t die!” Dinklage admits: “It was early morning and I hadn’t had my coffee. I didn’t realize that she was talking about my character in Game of Thrones!”


College Vale a pena destacar que a palavra college é utilizada no American English para dizer “universidade”, mas que os britânicos tendem a dizer university ou simplesmente uni.

He hung up. “Ele desligou”. Este phrasal verb significa literalmente “pendurar”. Provavelmente remonta à época em que se “pendurava” o gancho do telefone no muro. Cuidado apenas para não confundir com o substantivo hang-up, que por sua vez significa “mania”, “obsessão” (psicológica).

Peter Drunklage. Apesar do trocadilho com as palavras drunk (“bêbado”) e Dinklage, o ator não tem problemas com álcool. A verdade é que sua atuação fazia parte de um sketch “histórico” no programa chamado Drunk Uncle (“o tio bêbado”).

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