343 - Michelle Obama - Let’s Move! Message from World Expo


Quando a primeira-dama Michelle Obama visitou a exposição de seu país numa feira mundial, ela aproveitou a oportunidade e divulgou o Let's Move! – seu programa contra a obesidade nacional, com esportes e comida saudável para todos. Ouça as palavras que ela dirigiu aos jovens voluntários. By Marina Carminati


The Let's Move program, aided by Michelle Obama, attempts to break the childhood obesity cycle by focusing on healthy lifestyle habits. It'ssomething the First Lady feels so strongly about that she said at the Let's Move launch: "The physical and the economic health and security of our nation is at stake." Speak Up recorded waht Mrs Obama said about the program, addressing American volunteers at the last World Expo, when one of them asked her for her thoughts on the United States Pavilion:

Michelle Obama (Standard american accent)

It was amazing, it was awe-inspiring . I mean, the most impactful part of it, obviously, is the vertical farm , the largest of its kind, and I couldn’t help but think about all the issues that we face around hunger, around food deserts in our countries and places all over the world. And when you walk around this pavilion, you think the solutions are right in our grasp ; we have so many powerful solutions and possibilities. I mean, you just think about having these kinds of gardens – we were talking about this – on the rooftops of every school in every community. Anyone can have a vertical garden in their backyard, on their terrace. There’s absolutely no reason in the United States for a child not to have access to fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables, but too often in so many of our communities many families don’t have access to fresh produce , but when you walk in here and you look at what’s possible and you think about transplanting those ideas and innovations to other parts of the world, where people are starving, we know that we can fix these problems. And that’s why it’s so important for us all to be here at this Expo, sharing these ideas with the world, learning from each other, celebrating the advancements that we’ve made but also not being complacent because the truth is we still have so much work to do when we’re seeing rising obesity rates, not just in the United States, but all over the world. We’re doing something wrong, but we have many answers to get it right, and it’s really going to take young people like you to take this information and make something of it, turn it into action, and that’s true no matter what your professions will be; many of you may be activists, some of you may be business leaders, entrepreneurs. We have people representing every sector on this stage because it’s going to take every single one of us to step up , and that’s one of the things we’ve been trying to do with Let’s Move . We’re trying to really change the dialogue, create a new norm around food and health and our culture surrounding food, and we’re starting to see some changes, but we can’t do this just one off . We’ve got to have business leaders, we’ve got to have our athletes, our entrepreneurs, our foundations, our farmers all stepping up, trying to figure out how to bring the best solutions to bear on behalf of our kids and our communities . So it’s well done, I’m glad I’m here and I hope we bring some attention to what’s happening here, and I hope that more people in the United States take some time to learn more about what we need to do around the world.


I couldn’t help but think. Como sabemos, a palavra but significa “mas”; porém no inglês ela também pode ter o significado de “apenas”. Por exemplo: he is but a child (“ele é apenas uma criança”), no one but you (“só você”, ou literalmente “ninguém a não ser você”). Aqui, para complicar um pouco mais as coisas, ela vem inserida na construção I couldn’t help, ou seja, “eu não podia deixar de”. Portanto, o que Michelle Obama diz literalmente é “eu não pude deixar de pensar”.

Let’s Move. “Vamos nos movimentar”. Let’s Move é o nome de uma organização fundada pela First Lady para combater a obesidade entre os jovens norte-americanos (veja o box).