337 - Joss Stone - Water for your soul


É o nome do seu mais recente álbum, o sétimo, e ela conta com apenas 28 anos de idade. Joss Stone, menina prodígio do soul, é uma pessoa agradável e simples, que ama a região onde nasceu – em Devon, Inglaterra – e curte longas e acaloradas conversas em família! By Marcel Anders


Joss Stone first became a star at the age of 16 and so today, at the age of 28, she is something of a veteran. On July 31st she released her seventh studio album, Water for Your Soul, on her own Stone’d label. The album has – in spite of its title – a strong reggae influence. One of the co-producers is Damian Marley, whom Joss Stone first met when she worked with him – as well as Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart and A.R. Rachman – on the “SuperHeavy“ project in 2011:

Joss Stone (Standard British Accent)

I definitely... I love reggae music. I mean, who doesn’t? I was travelling in Uganda and all I’m hearing is Bob Marley and 50 Cent and Shania Twain! You know, somehow these three styles of music and these three artists, they’re everywhere. You have your pop and country, your hiphop, and your reggae. You will always find reggae because it makes people so happy, you know, it makes people feel free.

Joss Stone was in Uganda as part of her “Total World Tour,” an ambitious – and perhaps impossible – plan to play in every country in the world. She may be an international traveller, but her home is in the very English county of Devon, where she grew up:
Joss Stone

I choose to live in a place where there isn’t really any music going on. I mean, there is some, but it’s pretty minimal. So, what we have where I live is we don’t have any trends or any fads. Absolutely {tip text="nada, zero" title="nil"} nil {/tip}. So, I mean, I live in the middle of green fields and I have two {tip text="vizinhos" title="neighbours"} neighbours {/tip}, and how can there be a trend or a fad? We listen to what we like, and I think that that opens up our minds and our hearts to all sorts of different things.


And she likes life in the country:

Joss Stone

It’s calm, in a way. In one way, it’s a calm because it’s what I know and it’s always going to be the same, the pub’s pretty much always the same, you know? And also, I mean, technically, there’s a line on the map {tip text="até onde o plano diretor e lei de zoneamento permitem " title="as far as planning permission goes"} as far as planning permission goes {/tip}, so you cannot build past the line. So, I live in an area of Devon which will always remain the same. You can go there in 100 years and it will be the same. And I just take so much joy in that, you know? It’s a safe place for me, so.


Joss Stone may enjoy the quiet life but she admits that her romantic relationships are often {tip text="tempestuosas" title="stormy"} stormy {/tip}:

Joss Stone

I do seem to pick very argumentative men as well, so it’s like: {tip text="não sou do tipo que gosta de discutir" title="Im not one to want to argue "} I’m not one to want to argue {/tip}, but I definitely want to have my opinion be heard. So I come from a family of people that – all of us, we talk a lot. And to people that aren’t from the family, you know, boyfriends or girlfriends or friends or whatever, they come in to have dinner with us, you know, and it’s like… the world and his wife comes to have dinner with me – I’ve like got a table full of 20 or something – and we’re talking, you know, my brother, my sister, we’re all talking, but quite strongly, and it sounds like we’re having an argument, and, actually, that’s just how we converse. So that’s it. And, you know, obviously, relationships I’ve had, the boyfriend generally thinks I’m just trying to argue, but I’m not, I’m just speaking!.


Stone’d. Aqui se verifica um trocadilho entre Stone (o sobrenome da artista) e stoned, “chapado”. Joss Stone acabou de publicar um álbum de reggae...

Fads. “Tendências passageiras”. Utiliza-se esse termo geralmente para indicar que uma coisa é “predestinada a durar pouco”. Já os trends têm mais consistência e duram mais.

Argumentative men. “Homens que discutem“. Esse adjetivo não se refere a ter bons argumentos, mas sim à atitude de “gostar de uma discussão”. To argue pode significar “argumentar”, mas também significa “brigar”, “discutir”.

The world and his wife. Literalmente “o mundo e a sua mulher”. Essa expressão espirituosa é utilizada para indicar “um monte de gente”, mas puramente em um contexto social. Por exemplo, They’ve invited the world and his wife to their wedding. Em português a expressão equivalente seria “Eles convidaram Deus e o mundo para o casamento”. The World and His Wife era o título de uma comédia que estreou na Broadway em 1908.