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329 - Sarah Ferguson

Em 1986 ela se casou com Andrew, irmão mais novo do Príncipe Charles. Dez anos depois eles se divorciaram, por conta de um dos muitos escândalos que, até hoje, tem como protagonista ela, Sarah Ferguson, considerada uma das personagens mais coloridas que já gravitaram em torno da família real inglesa. by Alastair Peel


In the 1980s two wonderful things happened to Britain’s Royal Family. The first was the “fairy tale” marriage of Lady Diana Spencer to Prince Charles in 1981. The second was the wedding of Charles’ younger brother, Prince Andrew, and Sarah Ferguson in 1986. “Fergie” was less beautiful and less glamorous than “Di,” but she was a fun character and a welcome addition . Unfortunately, both marriages ended in divorce. Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris in 1997 at the age of 36. Fergie, who celebrated her 55th birthday on October 15th, is still alive, but there are probably times when she wishes she was dead .


Andrew and Fergie’s problems began in 1992 when The Daily Mirror published photographs of Fergie sunbathing topless in the company of an American businessman. Andrew and Sarah, also known as the Duke and Duchess of York, divorced in 1996. They still get on well , and there are even rumours that they will marry for a second time. They both have good relationships with their two daughters, but Fergie’s problems are in other areas. After the divorce she was no longer a member of the Royal Family, but she continued to live “like a princess.” She couldn’t afford her expensive lifestyle and she has massive debts : estimates vary from £2 million to £5 million.


Sarah had more problems with the press in 2010 when another paper, The News of the World, sent an undercover journalist, Mazher Mahmood, to meet her. Mahmood pretended to be an Indian businessman who wanted to meet Prince Andrew. He offered Fergie £500,000 in cash “for royal access” and she accepted. Unfortunately, secret cameras filmed the meeting and there was a national scandal, both for Sarah and the Royal Family. Later she confessed to Oprah Winfrey that she was drunk when she met Mahmood. The News of the World ceased publication the following year, after the phone hacking scandal, but this was too late to help Sarah.


Sadly, she has other problems. She is also in trouble with the Turkish government. She is a children’s author and a film producer, and in 2009 she worked on Young Victoria, a love story about England’s most famous queen. Sarah also makes documentaries. In 2008 she went to Turkey and covertly filmed inside an orphanage. The Turkish government were furious and they prosecuted her “in absentia.” She risked a very long jail sentence , but so far she is still a free woman.