320 - CRAIGs LIST has everything!

Bem-vindo ao melhor portal de busca da era da Internet! Se você tem uma dúvida, pesquise no Google, mas se está procurando qualquer coisa (trabalho, casa, objetos variados, serviços, etc.) Craigslist é o site feito para você. Por que se chama Craigslist? Porque foi inventado por um cara chamado Craig! by George H. Limongi.


Are you looking for something? Go to Craigslist! Craigslist is a website with the answer to almost every question you can think of. It is divided by continents, and then by countries, cities and areas, so you can find yours easily! The site doesn’t look very {tip text=" impressionante " title=" impressive "} impressive {/tip}, but it is very useful. This is because {tip text=" permite " title=" it allows "} it allows {/tip}. people to do many different things: from networking to finding jobs, from volunteering to {tip text=" alugar " title=" renting "} renting {/tip} apartments or finding {tip text=" colegas de quarto " title=" roommates "} roommates {/tip}. Craigslist is {tip text=" atualizado " title=" updated "} updated {/tip} every day, by people trying to sell and advertise their products, find {tip text=" empregados " title=" employees "} employees {/tip}, {tip text=" e assim por diante " title=" and so on "} and so on {/tip}. You don’t need {tip text=" inscrever-se " title=" to sign up "} to sign up {/tip} to access this information, but if you want to live this experience fully and be able to sell or buy things, find help for a project or post your CV, then you should sign up.


Craigslist {tip title=" is named after "} is named after : recebeu o nome de...{/tip} its founder Craig Newmark. He got his inspiration from sites like the WELL and MindVox, and he decided to create something similar for local events. In 1995 he began an email distribution list to his {tip text=" aficionados, geeks, experts em informática " title=" nerdy "} nerdy {/tip} friends in the San Francisco Bay Area, telling them what was going on locally. The number of people following these posts {tip text=" cresceu " title=" grew "} grew {/tip} rapidly and they started using the mailing list in different ways like looking for jobs.


Craig thought this was a nice “hobby” and he was happy to be invited to the best parties for geeks and nerds. In 1999 he realised, however, that the site was going so well that he could stop working. {tip text=" saiu, parou " title=" He quit "} He quit {/tip} his job as an engineer and started working for Craigslist full-time. It was a {tip text=" sábia " title=" wise "} wise {/tip} decision: today it is one of the world’s most successful sites.


Craigslist is easy to use: you just need a valid email address or a phone number to sign up. Then you are ready to research everything you want: enter your search word, how much you can pay, and, for example, whether you’re looking for something from a shop or a private person. You can also activate a Craigslist alert, so they can let you know when something comes up which is of interest to you.


Announcements on Craigslist are not monitored and this has caused problems. There was, for example, an “adult services section,” but this was used for a number of illegal activities, including child prostitution. The section was closed in 2010.