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319 - Jennifer Lawrence a Star on Fire

Passados dois episódios de sucesso como a personagem Katniss Everdeen de Jogos Vorazes, Jennifer Lawrence já virou celebridade mundial. Nesta entrevista, ela revela como a saga dos Hunger Games traz uma importante mensagem para a nova geração. by Jordan Riefe.


Jennifer Lawrence became a household name in 2012 when she played the role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. Now she’s back in the sequel, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, while two more films, Hunger Games: Mockingjay, parts one and two, are currently in production. The movies are based on Suzanne Collins’ dystopian science fiction novels of the same name, and they offer a frightening vision of the America of the future. When Jennifer Lawrence met with the press, she was asked about the message of The Hunger Games:

Jennifer Lawrence - (Standard American accent)

I think that we have this society that we unfortunately experience in our lives, where people feel entitled to certain things , and I think that we’ve been completely desensitized in our shock factor and the media continues to feed you what you want, and this is kind of an example of what happens when you keep allowing that to happen, when you keep feeling entitled to things that you’re just simply not. And I think that at the end of the first movie… no, they don’t, they don’t need a victor. We don’t need to play in this game. There’s a wonderful example for young adults that you don’t have to follow the feet in front of you; even though you can seem like the only one, even just one voice standing up for something that’s wrong , can keep us from going into a totalitarian government!


She was then asked about the reaction of fans to the movie:

Jennifer Lawrence - (Standard American accent)

It surprises me. I remember being on the first movie, and when you’re an actor you don’t ever think – or I hope that you don’t – I don’t – ever think like, “My job is very important. What I do is very important for the world and for people.” You know, I just love doing it. And I remember being on the first movie and there was a girl who was an extra , and she was covered in scars , she had been burned . And I remember her coming up to me and saying that she was too self-conscious to go to school when she was younger. And then, when she read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, she felt proud of her scars and her friends called her “the girl on fire,” and I remember just crying and calling my mom, and then sometimes just the lives that you can touch, without even meaning to . So I don’t really have any plans. Sometimes it comes up and bites me in the ass and it’s great, and I like doing it that way.


The success of The Hunger Games books and movies is such that they are now something of a “franchise.” Was Jennifer Lawrence surprised by this?

Jennifer Lawrence - (Standard American accent)

Yes and no, the reason that I signed on to Hunger Games (was) ‘cause I knew that that was... we had already had Harry Potter and we already had Twilight, so we were obviously surprised by the success. I was... how could we not be? But we did know what to expect to a certain extent . And if I was going to be identified for a character for the rest of my life, that’s a hard thing to think about, but I love this character and I’m proud of her and I would be proud to be associated with this movie and this character for the rest of my life. Sometimes, when you find a really great character, it’s better than vacation, as long as the catering’s good!

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