311 - Anna Paquin

Aos 11 anos ela ganhou um Oscar por sua interpretação em O Piano, um filme que só pode assistir anos mais tarde (era proibido para menores). Em 2008 conquistou o papel principal de True Blood, a aclamada série de TV. No set de filmagens encontrou o amor, e hoje é a feliz mãe de gêmeos. Ladies and gentlemen, Anna Paquin! by George H. Limongi

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Do you like TV shows and books about vampires, {tip text=" lobisomens, fadas" title=" werewolves, fairies "} werewolves, fairies {/tip} and demons? If you do, then you probably like Anna Paquin. She plays Sookie Stackhouse in the successful HBO TV series True Blood. The series is based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries books.


Anna Paquin was born in Canada in 1982, but she and her family moved to New Zealand when she was four years old. When she was a child she took lessons in viola, {tip text=" violoncelo" title=" cello "} cello {/tip}, ballet and gymnastics, but she wasn’t very interested in acting.


Things changed in 1991. Director Jane Campion, a New Zealander, was making the film The Piano. Anna’s older sister, Katya, went to an {tip text=" testes, entrevista" title=" audition "} audition {/tip} for a part. Anna went with her because she was free that day and had {tip text=" nada de melhor" title=" nothing better "} nothing better {/tip} to do. There were 5,000 candidates for the part of the little girl, Flora McGrath, but the producers chose Anna. The Piano was a small independent film, but it won three Oscars. One went to Anna Paquin for “ {tip text=" melhor atriz coadjuvante" title=" Best Actress in a Supporting Role "} Best Actress in a Supporting Role{/tip}.” She was the second youngest Oscar winner in history. She was too young to see the film at the cinema!


Later Anna’s {tip text=" pais" title=" parents "} parents {/tip} got divorced and in 1995 Anna moved to Los Angeles with her mother. She finished high school and studied at Columbia University in New York for a short period. She appeared in some films during the 1990s, but in 2000 she became a star again when she played Rogue, a mutant super-heroine in the X-Men movie series.


In 2008, True Blood’s producers chose Anna for the role of Sookie. True Blood was a great success, {tip text=" em ambos... e..." title=" both professionally and "} both professionally and {/tip} personally. In the story Sookie and Bill (played by British actor Stephen Moyer) {tip text=" se apaixonam" title=" fall in love]} fall in love {/tip}. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer also fell in love in real life. Now they are married and live in California with their baby twins9.


Paquin is involved in many different {tip text=" causas, iniciativas" title=" causes "} causes {/tip}, from supporting children with {tip text=" deficiências" title=" disabilities "} disabilities {/tip} and with {tip text=" grave" title=" severe "} severe {/tip} health conditions to human equality. She also campaigned for the True Colors Fund, a group organised by Cindy Lauper and dedicated to LGBT equ ality. On that occasion, Paquin said that she was bisexual.