310 - The Laughter Festival

Ri, que vai passar! Rir faz bem ao corpo e à mente – serve também como instrumento de meditação, na yoga do riso. Nem é necessário um humorista: basta rir. Em Manchester, entre 8 e 14 de junho, acontece o imperdível Festival da Risada (com seletiva para o campeonato mundial!).
by John Rigg

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This month Britain {tip text=" comemora" title=" celebrates "} celebrates {/tip} {tip text=" a risada" title=" laughter "} laughter {/tip} with the second annual UK National Laughter Festival. The UK National Laughter Festival {tip text=" está procurando por.. " title=" is looking for"} is looking for {/tip} laughter champions. They will represent the country at the World Laughter Championships later in the year. The UK festival takes place at various venues in Manchester from June 8th to 14th.


Have you got an unusual laugh? Can you make others laugh just by smiling at them? You could be a future champion. There is no need to remember a {tip text=" piada, anedota" title=" joke "} joke {/tip}. Simply laugh! After all, laughter is {tip text=" contagioso" title=" infectious "} infectious {/tip}. And it can help everyone. It makes us {tip text=" saudáveis" title=" healthy "} healthy {/tip}. It makes us happy.


The UK National Laughter Festival will include public laughing events, laughter yoga, laughter therapy and the National Laughter Championships. There will be seminars on the new science of laughter for health, building community spirit and new laughter applications for schools and {tip text=" empresas" title=" business "} business {/tip}. The organisers are Feelgood Communities CIC, a non-profit organisation.


The laughter movement is a {tip text=" em rápido crescimento" title=" fast-growing "} fast-growing {/tip} international phenomenon. There are no {tip text=" humoristas " title=" comedians "} comedians {/tip}. This is not about comedy. People can learn to laugh for no reason. And the effects are extremely beneficial. Laughter {tip text=" libera" title=" releases "} releases {/tip} endorphins. They make us feel good. Laughing relaxes the whole body, so it reduces stress. It also reduces our inhibitions and social barriers. It can {tip text=" incrementar " title=" boost "} boost {/tip} our immune systems, improve respiration and circulation. Laughter sessions can be used by companies, too. It is a great team-building {tip text=" ferramenta" title=" tool "} tool {/tip}. It helps improve communication skills. It encourages positive thinking and creativity. There is also one more very important fact about laughter: it is completely {tip text=" grátis " title=" free"} free {/tip}.


The laughter movement began in India. Dr. Madan Kataria invented Laughter Yoga in 1995. Kataria discovered the benefits of laughter. So he created his new form of yoga that takes traditional yoga {tip text=" técnicas de respiração " title=" breathing techniques"} breathing techniques {/tip} and them with laughter. He now {tip text=" dirige" title=" leads "} leads {/tip} a worldwide movement. He founded World Laughter Day in 1998, which is celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year. Today there are laughter clubs in over 60 countries around the world. Kataria is a {tip text=" apoiador" title=" patron "} patron {/tip} of the UK National Laughter Festival.


In 1995 Dr. Kataria wrote an article titled Laughter: The Best Medicine. He discovered many scientific studies that described the strong effect laughter has on the human body and mind. He decided to test the theories. He started his first laughter club. They met in a Mumbai public park in March 1995. Originally, the group stood in a circle. One member stood in the middle and recounted a funny story. After two weeks no one had any more stories. Kataria resolved the problem. Research suggested there is no difference between {tip text=" uma risada genuína ou fingida" title=" genuine and pretend laughter"} genuine and pretend laughter {/tip}. The benefits were the same. In the following group meetings, he explored ways of laughing without humour. Kataria combined his discovery with yoga breathing. He invented Laughter Yoga, and started a worldwide movement! Website: www.laughteryoga.org See also: www.worldlaughterpledge.org