309 - Madison Square Garden

É o grande templo dos esportes e da música. No Garden já se apresentaram os Doors, Rolling Stones, Jackson 5, U2, Lady Gaga. Mas esta arena no centro de New York na verdade é mais que isso: é um pedaço da história americana. Aqui Marilyn cantou “Happy Birthday” para J.F.K., aqui Rocky Marciano derrotou Joe Louis em 1951...
by John Rigg

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This month we visit New York’s iconic Madison Square Garden. It is one of the world’s most famous {tip text=" em ambiente fechado" title=" indoor "} indoor {/tip} arenas. New Yorkers call it “The Garden.” {tip text=" o local sediou, já apresentou " title=" The venue has hosted "} The venue has hosted {/tip} many of the world’s most celebrated sports events and concerts. Some of the concerts Madison Square Garden will host this year include those for Alicia Keys, The Killers and Rod Stewart.


What exactly is Madison Square Garden? It’s a sports venue. {tip text=" é o estádio dos... " title=" It is home to "} It is home to {/tip} New York’s basketball and ice hockey teams, the New York Knicks and the New York Rangers. It is also a world-famous concert hall. Elton John has appeared there 62 {tip text=" times" title=" times "} times {/tip}, a record! He said: “Madison Square Garden is my favourite venue in the {tip text=" mundo todo" title=" whole world"} whole world {/tip}.” And Billy Joel stated: “It has the best acoustics and the best audiences. It is {tip text=" o templo sagrado " title=" the holy temple"} the holy temple {/tip} of Rock’n’ roll.” In fact, the venue has hosted historic performances from groups like the Doors, the Rolling Stones, the Jackson 5 and U2. Madison Square Garden is {tip text=" ainda" title=" still "} still {/tip} popular today. Lady Gaga brought her Monster Ball Tour there in July 2010. And young country star Taylor Swift’s concert tickets {tip text=" foram esgotados " title=" sold out"} sold out {/tip} in a new record of 60 seconds.


Madison Square Garden has played a central role in the history of the USA. It was the venue of President John F. Kennedy’s 45th birthday party. Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday, Mr President” and there was a scandal! It was here that Rocky Marciano {tip text=" derrotou " title=" defeated "} defeated {/tip} Joe Louis in 1951. Joe Frazier {tip text=" venceu e depois foi derrotado por..." title=" beat and then lost to"} beat and then lost to {/tip} Muhammad Ali in the 1970s. It is also the venue where World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) first became a {tip text=" enorme " title=" huge "} huge {/tip} success with stars like Hulk Hogan.


Madison Square Garden is located in the middle of Manhattan on 8th Avenue. It’s built on top of Pennsylvania Railway Station. The streets outside Madison Square Garden are yellow. There are always hundreds of New York taxis. If visitors can cross the road, {tip text=" ali perto" title=" nearby "} nearby {/tip} they will find Times Square and some of New York’s most famous shops, like Macy’s department store.


Why do English people laugh at the MSG baseball team’s {tip text="apelido" title=" nickname "} nickname {/tip}? Because knickerbockers are women’s underwear {tip text=" roupas íntimas" title=" underwear "} underwear {/tip} in the United Kingdom. They think of French ladies dancing the Cancan. But in America knickerbockers are long shorts. What is the connection between New York and knickerbockers? The shorts were traditional dress for New York’s original {tip text=" colonizadores holandeses" title=" Dutch settlers"} Dutch settlers {/tip} roupas íntimas in the 17th century. New York {tip text=" originalmente denominada" title=" was originally named "} was originally named {/tip} New Amsterdam. In 1809, Washington Irving’s History of New York introduced the caricature of the Dutch settler “Father Knickerbocker.” The character became synonymous with New York City. “Father Knickerbocker” {tip text=" usava peruca de algodão, chapéu de três pontas e sapatos com fivela" title=" wore a cotton wig, a three-cornered hat, buckled shoes"} wore a cotton wig, a three-cornered hat, buckled shoes {/tip} and knickerbockers. US sportsmen wear knickerbockers in baseball and, originally, in basketball.