307 - Alicia Keys

She’s just a girl and she’s on fire... A moça dessa canção é obviamente ela própria, Alicia Keys no seu melhor momento. Aos 31 anos, Keys cresceu, amadureceu, casou, tornou-se mãe e acima de tudo conquistou uma coisa importante que lhe faltava: confiança plena em si. Ouça ela mesma contando como foi essa grande transformação!


When Speak Up interviewed American R&B singer and actress Alicia Keys in 2008 [issue 274 - ed.], she told us that it had been a difficult year. She had spent much of it {tip text=" cuidando de um parente adoentado" title=" nursing a sick relative"} nursing a sick relative {/tip} and she felt exhausted. {tip text=" voltou em forma" title=" Since then she has, however, bounced back "} Since then she has, however, bounced back {/tip}. She has married and become a mother and she is working on a number of film, theatre and musical projects. {tip text=" o destaque fica com " title=" Pride of place goes to "} Pride of place goes to {/tip}. her album, Girl on Fire, which was released in November on the RCA label. Alicia Keys was born Alicia Augello-Cook to a biracial couple in New York. She was in born in 1981 and this means that she has entered her thirties since our last interview. Yet she doesn’t seem to be worried about growing older:

Alicia Keys (Standard/African American/New York accent)

Women, I think, just get naturally, {tip text=" cada vez mais" title=" increasingly "} increasingly {/tip}, more delicious with time. Like I find that I’ll sometimes look at women who are 50 or 60, {tip text=" e aí eu me digo " title=" and I’m like"} and I’m like {/tip}: “{tip text=" “cara!”, “gente!”" title=" Man "} Man {/tip}, there’s something about them,” that there’s like a regality or like a {tip text=" autoconfiança" title=" confidence "} confidence {/tip}. That {tip text=" eu costumava olhar p’ra elas e pensar " title=" I used to look at them and be like "} I used to look at them and be like {/tip}: “What is that? What is that? How do they have that thing?” And it’s like really cool. So I look forward to just getting better over time!

Alicia Keys has been a star since her early twenties, but {tip text=" ela acha, imagina " title=" she reckons "} she reckons {/tip} that she is now better at dealing with life in the entertainment industry:

Alicia Keys

Now being a mother and being married, like it is the next chapter of my life. And there’s certain things that come with that. Like you’re not going to do the same things that you did before. And {tip text=" não aceita mais os abusos que aceitava antes " title=" you’re not going to take the same crap that you took before "} you’re not going to take the same crap that you took before {/tip}, to be honest, you know. You become in a place where you’re like: “You know what? Here’s my life, and I don’t really want {tip text=" me preocupar com mais isso " title=" to deal with that extra stuff "} to deal with that extra stuff {/tip} any more!” I think when I first started in this business, or when I was in my early twenties, it’s like you’re kind of be more {tip text=" disposta" title=" willing "} willing {/tip} to take people’s crap because, one: {tip text=" a gente provavelmente não sabe muito mais que isso" title=" you don’t probably know that much better"} you don’t probably know that much better {/tip}, or, two: you feel like you have to, to do whatever. And it’s like then you get to a place where you’re like: “I don’t have to do this!” And {tip text=" não é porque seja eu ou por ser ou não - entre aspas - “um sucesso”" title=" it’s not just because I’m me or because I’m quote, unquote “successful” "} it’s not just because I’m me or because I’m quote, unquote “successful” {/tip} or something like that. {tip text=" simplesmente é assim, ponto final" title=" It’s just period"} It’s just period {/tip}. It’s just a life understanding that like I don’t have to deal with things that I don’t feel comfortable with, you know. You just... it’s a life choice.

She also feels that {tip text=" ela lida melhor com o estrelato" title=" she is handling stardom better"} she is handling stardom better {/tip} these days:

Alicia Keys

This interesting world, this interesting entertainment world, {tip text=" pode te libertar e pode te aprisionar" title=" it can free you or it can jail you"} it can free you or it can jail you{/tip}. And it’s so crazy, you know, how that can happen. And it happens for many reasons, and different reasons for different people. But I think that it’s so interesting because here you have this opportunity to speak and say and sing and reach so many people. And that in itself is a freedom, you know. That in itself is a privilege, it’s a freedom, it’s a power. And then, at the other side, sometimes I think, you know, you could end up feeling so restricted at the same time. And so I think, in some ways, in certain periods of my life, I did feel restricted or {tip text=" mal-entendida " title=" misunderstood "} misunderstood {/tip} or unable to be fully myself or whatever. And, you know, it’s different now, though.

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Q: So what is “a girl on fire?”

AK: What makes me “a girl on fire” is finally finding my place, finally {tip text=" ocupar o meu" title=" standing confidently in my space "} standing confidently in my space {/tip}. And this is what makes anyone a “girl on fire”. Maybe you’re not a girl, but you’re still “on fire.” It means you’re a 100 per cent confident. That doesn’t mean you’re perfect, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any insecurities. It just means that you are confident and comfortable being yourself.

Q: Is it different from before?

AK: It’s totally different and I like it. What I like the most is just being able to have an opinion that is clear and it’s mine. I don’t think everyone has to agree with me. And I don’t want you to agree with me – if you don’t. But I feel {tip text=" orgulhosa " title=" proud "} proud {/tip} of having a strong sense of what I feel. And to be honest, I think many people do not have this sense. And I know that for a long time I didn’t have it. I had strong ideas, but {tip text=" se alguém insistisse muito" title=" if someone pushed hard enough "} if someone pushed hard enough {/tip} and convinced me {tip text=" eu iria provavelmente lhe dar razão " title=" I would have probably backed down "} I would have probably backed down {/tip}. But now I don’t back down so easy!


Q: Of course, music is only part of your professional life. You recently co-produced a Broadway play and you directed (along with Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore) one of the five episodes in Five, the TV movie about the effects of {tip text=" câncer de mama" title=" breast cancer"} breast cancer {/tip}.

AK: Yes, I’ve been doing more on the production side of film and television. The Broadway play is called Stick Fly, and I made my directorial debut in Five. I’m also the executive producer on an independent movie, The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister And Pete. It’s about two boys surviving the summer in Brooklyn and it stars Jennifer Hudson. I’m also doing the {tip text=" trilha sonora" title=" score "} score {/tip} for the film. I really like this kind of work, where I can be a little bit more behind the scenes. Maybe I’m moving into a new creative {tip text=" área, campo, reino" title=" realm "} realm {/tip}. And I still have a great passion for acting...