304 - Scientology

Uma seita? Uma associação? Uma religião? O que é a Church of Scientology, que tanto atrai as estrelas de Hollywood? É reconhecida como “religião” somente em alguns países, e nestes encontra grande número de opositores. Em outros lugares, essa organização que acredita na ascendência alienígena é vista com muitas reservas e... risos!
by John Rigg

This month we ask the question: what attracts celebrities like Tom Cruise to the Church of Scientology? Cruise says, “It is a privilege to be a Scientologist.” He is dedicated to the religion. He explains that Scientology gives you the {yootooltip title=[ tools ]} tools: instrumentos, ferramentas {/yootooltip} to help others. He wants to educate people. He wants to create a new reality.

What are the {yootooltip title=[ beliefs ]} beliefs: crenças {/yootooltip} of Scientology? Humans are basically good. Man is immortal. People live more than one life. Their capabilities are unlimited. Scientologists can become supermen with super powers. They want to unify their spirits with the universe and the Supreme Being. However, Scientology isn’t a {yootooltip title=[faith]} faith: fé {/yootooltip}. {yootooltip title=[ Followers ]} followers: seguidores {/yootooltip} discover that Scientology tools function by using them. They apply its principles and see the positive results.

Scientology was founded by the American writer L. Ron Hubbard. He was born in Nebraska in 1911. Hubbard wrote {yootooltip title=[science fiction novels]} science fiction novels: romances de ficção científica {/yootooltip}. However, his life changed after meeting indigenous Blackfoot Indians in Montana. He began a {yootooltip title=[quest]} quest: busca {/yootooltip}. He wanted to understand the human mind. He learnt hypnosis techniques. He studied Freud and psychoanalysis. He explored philosophies such as Buddhism. He wrote all of this in his book Dianetics.

Dianetics was published in 1950. Hubbard said, “It is an exploration of the fundamentals of life.” {yootooltip title=[ He claimed ]} he claimed: ele afirma {/yootooltip} Dianetics would transform our reality into “a world without {yootooltip title=[insanity]} insanity: insanidade {/yootooltip}, without criminals and without war.” Dianetics describes the {yootooltip title=[ path ]} path: percurso, caminho {/yootooltip} to a happy life. In the 1950s Hubbard founded the Church of Scientology. Dianetics {yootooltip title=[ treated ]} treated: curava {/yootooltip} the body. Scientology frees the human {yootooltip title=[soul]} soul: alma {/yootooltip}. Followers pass through a series of levels. They talk with a partner called an auditor. They “clear” their minds of past traumas. They learn they are aliens. They are {yootooltip title=[trapped here on Earth]} trapped here on Earth: aprisionados aqui na Terra {/yootooltip}.

Scientology has many critics. People suggest it is a cult. They accuse the Church of Scientology of using hypnosis and {yootooltip title=[brainwashing]} brainwashing: lavagem cerebral {/yootooltip} . Members pay large amounts to progress through the Church’s system of teaching. The Church is also accused of serious crimes. There are stories of kidnapping and {yootooltip title=[ harassment ]} harassment: assédio, perseguição {/yootooltip} of former members. It is not easy to discover the truth.

Scientology is in the news at the moment. This is because Scientologists aren’t very happy about the film The Master (due out in January 2013), which stars Philip Seymour Hoffman.
The story is very similar to that of Scientology’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard.

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