302 - Snow White at War

A Bella de Twilight recentemente esteve na mídia por conta de uma aventura amorosa acontecida no contexto deste filme. Compor uma Branca de Neve dark e muito sofrida, contracenando com outra grandiosa rainha má, Charlize Theron, certamente deu muito trabalho – ouça suas impressões!
by Jonathan Cameron.

There have been at least 17 film adaptations of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale Snow White and the Seven {yootooltip title=[Dwarfs]} dwarfs: anões {/yootooltip}, but the remarkable thing is that two of them have been released this year. First there was Mirror Mirror, which starred Lily Collins as the sweet princess, and Julia Roberts as the evil queen, and now there is Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron in the respective roles.
The two films are very different: Mirror Mirror was a comic parody, while Snow White and the Huntsman is darker. Kristen Stewart, who is best known for having played Bella Cullen in the Twilight series, explains:

Kristen Stewart
(Standard American accent):

I would say that it is true to all of the things that you associate with Snow White when you just hear the name. I think her characteristics are pretty basic: she’s a good person and she’s very compassionate and she’s got this connection to the earth and to animals, and we’ve got all of that, it’s just that we put her in a situation where it’s really difficult to maintain those qualities! We test her. She lives in a very dangerous world, and I think that that’s not what we’re used to necessarily, about Snow White.

The cast includes the Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth, who previously starred in Thor. He plays the huntsman, while the legendary British actor, Bob Hoskins, plays one of the dwarfs. The director, on the other hand, is another Englishman, Rupert Sanders, whose first {yootooltip title=[ full-length feature film ]} full-length feature film: longametragem {/yootooltip} this is. He had previously made short films and advertisements. Kristen Stewart explains why he was chosen:

Kristen Stewart
The way the director got the job is sort of like this five-minute short version of the movie, with other actors, and all of the different worlds that live within this one world. It’s sort of like our land is in a state of complete {yootooltip title=[ disarray ]} disarray: desordem {/yootooltip} and the darkness of it is really {yootooltip title=[ wretched ]} wretched: deplorável {/yootooltip} and disgusting, and I think it makes the light aspects so beautiful, like I think when they finally get into the enchanted forest, it is so {yootooltip title=[stunning]} stunning: deslumbrante {/yootooltip}. And so, initially, when I saw that, I was like, “Wow, if we can do a long version of that, it’s going to be {yootooltip title=[amazing]} amazing: incrível {/yootooltip}, and then if we can actually find characters within the archetypes of a fairy tale, and make them human, and make sure that Snow White felt like a real girl, and not somebody who is just {yootooltip title=[endowed withlike superhuman selflessness]} endowed withlike superhuman selflessness: dotada de um altruísmo por assim dizer sobre-humano {/yootooltip}, because you’re not going to feel bad for anyone like that, it’s like they’re not human, and so all of those things I was really excited to get into.

And there is another original dimension to this version of Snow White:

Kristen Stewart
And it’s really rare to play a girl, a female character, {yootooltip title=[that does actually like completely lack vanity]} that does actually like completely lack vanity: a quem falta realmente qualquer tipo de vaidade {/yootooltip}, ‘cause that doesn’t exist. I mean, no one can claim that. I mean, you always want to look good, of course, but she’s never even seen herself, {yootooltip title=[doesn’t know what she looks like]} (she) doesn’t know what she looks like: não sabe como ela se parece {/yootooltip}. It’s interesting.

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth (who celebrated his 29th birthday in August) plays the huntsman, the character who is ordered by the evil queen to bring her Snow White’s heart. As in the original story, he feels sorry for the princess and becomes her friend and {yootooltip title=[ally]} ally: aliado {/yootooltip}.
This is not Hemsworth’s first attempt at playing a muscular action hero: his credits include the {yootooltip title=[ title role ]} title role: papel principal, título {/yootooltip} in Thor, and a part (as Thor) in {yootooltip title=[The Avengers]} The Avengers: Os Vingadores {/yootooltip}, an action movie in which a team of super heroes try and save the world.
The huntsman should not, however, be confused with the {yootooltip title=[ Prince Charming ]} Prince Charming: príncipe encantado {/yootooltip} figure. This is William, the son of the Duke of Hammond, who is played by the 26-year-old English actor, Sam Claflin. William, the huntsman, Snow White and the seven dwarfs unite {yootooltip title=[ to defeat ]} to defeat: derrotar {/yootooltip} the evil queen.

South African born Charlize Theron (who celebrated her 37th birthday in August) plays Ravenna, the evil queen and {yootooltip title=[ stepmother ]} stepmother: madrasta {/yootooltip} of Snow White (“Ravenna” is a variation of {yootooltip title=[raven]} raven: corvo {/yootooltip}).
She is determined to kill her stepdaughter (who, in the original Brothers Grimm story, is only seven years old). This is after she has asked the question “Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”.
Her obsession with beauty has been compared with today’s love of plastic surgery. Charlize Theron recently told Interview magazine: “I look in the mirror and my face is changing, and I have a different relationship with myself. Your face changes, things change: it just happens.” But, she adds: “I can’t foresee myself ever going under the {yootooltip title=[knife]} knife: bisturi {/yootooltip}, but I’m only in my mid-thirties. Maybe it’s different when you’re in your mid-sixties.”

The decision by the producers to use full-size actors (and to {yootooltip title=[ shrink ]} shrink: encolhê-los {/yootooltip} them, with digital technology) created controversy, at least in the United States. “Little People of America,” a non-profit organisation for “people of small stature and their families” {yootooltip title=[ complained ]} complained: reclamaram {/yootooltip} about the fact that the producers did not cast real dwarfs for the seven lucrative roles. Instead the parts went to full-size British actors: Bob Hoskins plays “Muir,” Ray Winstone is “Gort” and Ian McShane is “Beith.” In this version the dwarfs have serious medieval names, in contrast to the more commercial “Doc, Dopey, Sleepy, Grumpy, Sneezy, Happy and Bashful” of the 1937 Disney cartoon version.

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