300 - Kevin Costner

É verdade que já passou o tempo em que sua simples presença em um filme era garantia de sucesso absoluto. Mas Kevin Costner é um homem de muitas virtudes, e está construindo uma nova carreira – como rockstar!
by Marcel Anders.

Kevin Costner could be described as “a victim of his own success.” He became a star in 1985 with movies like Silverado and Fandango and he became a mega star with The Untouchables (in 1987), Dances with Wolves (in 1990) and The Bodyguard (in 1992). Costner’s career has continued since then, but he has appeared in less popular films. For this reason he is considered {yootooltip title=[ a has-been ]} a has-been: alguém que já teve o seu tempo {/yootooltip} and this is not really fair.
Costner is still making movies, but he has another activity: he plays in a band called “Kevin Costner and Modern West.” This country rock group was formed in 2007. It has toured internationally and has released three albums: Untold Truths (in 2008), Turn It On (in 2010) and From Where I Stand (in 2011). When Coster was interviewed before a recent concert in Europe he was asked whether he was serious about his music:

Kevin Costner
(Standard American accent):

Everything I do, I take really seriously. I don’t think it’s “serious”, it’s not science, but I treat it very seriously. So I’ve worked really hard, as has a band in the last four years, to be able to have the {yootooltip title=[ confidence ]} confidence: confiança, segurança {/yootooltip} to come here and play. Again, we don’t know how our music will be received, but we’ve worked really hard at writing the very best songs that we can write, and putting on the best show that can possibly happen. People who choose to drive here tonight are very important to me. Not so much what people will write or what they’ll do, but it’s the audience that’s right in front of me that is really important to me.

He admitted that many people probably come to the shows just to see Kevin Costner “{yootooltip title=[in the flesh]} in the flesh: em carne e osso {/yootooltip}”:

Kevin Costner
Why they come through the door is not as important as... what happens once they’re here, but there is a curiosity factor, there is that, there’s maybe people who just want to see if I’m as tall as they thought! And there’ll be some people, who genuinely, as a love of music, they love to hear original music, so {yootooltip title=[there’ll be those in the crowd, too]} there’ll be those in the crowd, too: haverá esses também em meio ao público {/yootooltip}, too. So it doesn’t matter why someone’s in the room, what really matters is what happens when the doors close behind them because that’s when the show is all about them, and that’s what I try to make it.

And he was asked how life on a rock band’s “smelly tour bus” compared with that of a film star:

Kevin Costner
Often {yootooltip title=[people don’t want to put my life in reverse]} people don’t want to put my life in reverse: as pessoas não querem que eu regrida na vida {/yootooltip}, OK? {yootooltip title=[I had a life way ahead of being famous]} I had a life way ahead of being famous: eu tinha uma vida (normal) muito antes de me tornar famoso {/yootooltip}, and about three weeks ago I was waking up every morning changing {yootooltip title=[ diapers ]} diapers: fraldas {/yootooltip} on two little babies and watching cartoons with them and getting them their {yootooltip title=[ bottles ]} bottles: mamadeiras {/yootooltip} and playing music once their mom got up. So my life is a very normal life. Some people think I live my life in the magazine: I don’t. I express myself in a lot of different ways, but {yootooltip title=[I don’t rely on my fame]} I don’t rely on my fame: não me baseio em minha fama {/yootooltip}. {yootooltip title=[I can get by in the world just fine]} I can get by in the world just fine: posso sobreviver no mundo muito bem {/yootooltip} without being famous.