298 - The Evil Queen

Neste ano está se falando muito de Branca de Neve no cinema: além da versão dark de Kristen Stewart (a Bella de Twilight), temos a Snow White representada por Lily Collins, em “Espelho, espelho meu”. Mas acima de tudo brilha Julia Roberts, perfeita no papel da Rainha Má!
by Jordan Riefe.

Julia Roberts’ most famous film was probably Pretty Woman, a love story in which she played a young girl with a sweet character. Yet Julia Roberts has a reputation in Hollywood for being “difficult” and for this reason her latest role is perhaps more appropriate: she plays the Evil Queen in Mirror, Mirror, a comic adaptation of the Grimm Brothers {yootooltip title=[fairy tale]} fairy tale: conto de fadas {/yootooltip}, Snow White. When Julia Roberts met with the press, she was asked what part books – and television – played when she was with her own children.

Julia Roberts
(Standard American accent):

Those nice, {yootooltip title=[cosy]} cosy: aconchegantes {/yootooltip}, very short hours before bed we just really spend together as a family, talking and sharing the day and reading books, and really, before you know it, it is time for bed. So part of it is there’s just not time for that. We would prefer something different in that time during the week and they do get to watch something. I love movies, obviously, I love a great deal of television; {yootooltip title=[I was raised on television]} I was raised on television: fui criada com a televisão {/yootooltip}, but for us we just feel there’s a real time and a place for it, certainly. I don’t think it’s that mysterious, really, and it’s nice that it opens up other options; stories and poetry and talking, sharing ideas.

Mirror, Mirror is directed by Tarsem Singh. Lily Collins plays Snow White, while Armie Hammer is the Prince Charming character:

Julia Roberts
He’s so wonderful! He’s a lovely guy and he really brought a very {yootooltip title=[ clever ]} clever: inteligente {/yootooltip} dimension, I thought, to {yootooltip title=[ Prince Charming ]} Prince Charming: Príncipe Encantado {/yootooltip} because {yootooltip title=[ he really could have just stood there and just talked ]} he really could have just stood there and just talked: ele poderia estar ali, só falando... {/yootooltip} and it would have been terrific, and he wanted to really be clever about it and put a lot of consideration into it and I thought he made some great choices and he’s really professional. I mean, he always had some little clever thing that he was bringing to it and it made it very entertaining {yootooltip title=[to watch that whole thing unfold]} to watch that whole thing unfold: assistir todo o desenrolar da história {/yootooltip}.

In conclusion, Julia Roberts was asked about life in Hollywood, a place where people often tell you what they want you to hear, rather than what you need to hear. How did she make sure that people told her what she needed to hear?

Julia Roberts
Well, I always want to hear the truth, whatever it is, and I’ve always felt that way and I have an amazing family and a great group of friends and {yootooltip title=[that’s what I expect from them and rely on]} that’s what I expect from them and rely on: é isso que espero deles e conto com eles p’ra isso {/yootooltip}, and I think they’d do the same for me. And it’s also what I look for in a great working relationship, you know, people that will be honest and {yootooltip title=[will be very plain-speaking and not beat around the bush]} will be very plain-speaking and not beat around the bush: falar claramente indo direto ao ponto {/yootooltip}, just say, “This is what we need and this is what works and this is what doesn’t” and that’s the best of life right there.

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