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Quem diria: a eterna adolescente canadense já está chegando aos 27 anos! Nesta entrevista, feita por ocasião do lançamento de seu álbum Goodbye Lullaby (cujo tour acaba de passar pelos palcos brasileiros), ela nos conta sobre seu outro trabalho (de estilista) e sua paixão por tatuagens.
by Marcel Anders.

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne first became a star in 2002 when she released her debut album Let Go. She was just 17 years old at the time. Almost a decade later, she is still a star. Now she is 26, although {yootooltip title=[ she is struggling to shake off her teenage image ]} she is struggling to shake off her teenage image: ela luta para se livrar da imagem de adolescente {/yootooltip} - she released her fourth album, Goodbye Lullabye. Stardom has not been easy. She already has a divorce {yootooltip title=[ under her belt ]} under her belt: “em seu currículo” {/yootooltip} and, as she explained, she has spent most of her adult life touring:

Avril Lavigne
(Canadian accent):

It’s important for me to find a balance. I spent most of my life on the road. So, since I was 17, I’ve been travelling and doing tours. So it was nice for me {yootooltip title=[ to kind of chill at home ]} to kind of chill at home: “relaxar em casa” {/yootooltip} and like live my life for a little bit. And now I’m... I’m very like energised and I’m very inspired. And so I’m ready to get back out and do my tour now.

And, she says, the touring process can be helpful in her other work, which is as a {yootooltip title=[fashion designer]} fashion designer: estilista de moda {/yootooltip}. She has a line of clothing. It’s called Abbey Dawn and it’s based on her {yootooltip title=[childhood nickname]} childhood nickname: apelido de infância {/yootooltip}:

Avril Lavigne

It’s really cool because I can travel, like how I travel a lot and go to the different countries and get inspiration and {yootooltip title=[ check out ]} check out: ver {/yootooltip} all the different trends, especially when I go to Tokyo, like the fashion is ridiculous there. So I get a lot of inspiration from my {yootooltip title=[ line ]} line: linha, coleção de modelos {/yootooltip} when I travel and I have a really great team at Abbey Dawn, {yootooltip title=[who get me]} who get me: que me compreendem {/yootooltip}, and we all work really well together. So it’s so much fun. And {yootooltip title=[I’ve had a blast with it]} I’ve had a blast with it: “estou curtindo muito” {/yootooltip}, and I’m actually going to do {yootooltip title=[ heels ]} heels: sapatos de salto alto {/yootooltip} now and bags and I’m bringing a lot more to the line and I’m starting {yootooltip title=[ some guys’ pieces ]} some guys’ pieces: peças masculinas {/yootooltip} for the first time. So it’s growing and it’s just a project that it’s a lot of fun. It’s like I focus on my music and I do that and I’ve been doing music now for like 10 years. And it’s nice to have these other opportunities.

Avril Lavigne is also an actress. As for her hobbies, she says she loves tattoos:

Avril Lavigne

I’m definitely {yootooltip title=[ not addicted to getting tattoos ]} not addicted to getting tattoos: não sou viciada por tatuagens {/yootooltip} at all. I’m a free spirit and like I like to have fun. And I have, you know, moments where I want to get tattoos. It’s all about remembering certain moments in life and connections to people. And a lot of my tattoos are {yootooltip title=[matching tattoos]} matching tattoos: tatuagens combinadas com outras pessoas {/yootooltip}. And I’ve gotten them with friends and... and even family. And it’s someone’s personal decision, if they want to do that or not.

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