288 - Johnny the Pirate

Graças a ele Hollywood conseguiu ressuscitar o mundo dos piratas. Captain Jack Sparrow, definido como o corsário do milênio, já é um personagem cult. Ouvimos aqui a voz de Johnny Depp, e aproveitamos para conferir um pouco de slang americano!
by Jonathan Cameron.

Johnny Depp is a wonderfully versatile actor. He can play serious roles, but his comic talent is particularly evident in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He is Jack Sparrow, a character whose mannerisms and style of speech are based on those of the Rolling Stone guitarist, Keith Richards. Depp is American, but his British accent is perfect!
Such is the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise that a fourth film, On Stranger Tides, was released. But Depp admits that initially he had reservations about the idea of doing a fourth Pirates movie:

Johnny Depp
(Standard American accent):

It was certainly the idea of a fourth one, after finishing Pirates 3, {yootooltip title=[was somewhere in the back of your head]} was somewhere in the back of your head: de alguma forma se pensava nisso {/yootooltip}, you were thinking, “I sure hope so!” You always kind of expected that somebody would come around and go, “Hey, you know what, we have this idea for a scenario and bla bla bla,” which is exactly what happened, you know, so I was very happy.

He then explained the film’s basic idea:

Johnny Depp

The main {yootooltip title=[ quest ]} quest: busca {/yootooltip} is the Fountain of Youth. There are several kind of {yootooltip title=[ outside interests ]} outside interests: gente interessada {/yootooltip} of the Fountain of Youth: you know, there’s King George of England, there’s the Spanish and there’s the pirates, Blackbeard. It’s something they talked about early on, you know, {yootooltip title=[when they were talking sequels]} when they were talking sequels: quando se falava em sequência {/yootooltip}, they talked about the Fountain of Youth and Ponce de Leon {yootooltip title=[ and stuff ]} and stuff: e coisas do tipo {/yootooltip} and {yootooltip title=[I never quite saw how they were going to pull it off]} I never quite saw how they were going to pull it off: eu não conseguia ver como seria possível realizar tudo aquilo {/yootooltip}, but they certainly did!

As in the previous Pirates of the Caribbean movies, the cast is star-studded. Geoffrey Rush plays Barbossa and Ian McShane plays the bad guy, Blackbeard:

Johnny Depp

The beauty of the character of Blackbeard is, on the surface, he seems, or appears, to be a rational man, but then, the more you get to know him, {yootooltip title=[ he’s a stone cold killer ]} he’s a stone cold killer: é um assassino de sangue frio {/yootooltip} and, without an {yootooltip title=[ ounce ]} ounce: porçãozinha (lit.: unidade de medida, onça = 28 g) {/yootooltip} of heart, not a thing in him. {yootooltip title=[ He would screw over anyone ]} he would screw over anyone: ele se aproveitaria de qualquer um {/yootooltip} and everyone to get to his objective. That’s... one of the things that makes him so dangerous, but also the fact that Blackbeard was {yootooltip title=[ the fiercest ]} the fiercest: o mais feroz {/yootooltip} of them all, he was the guy who would stop at nothing and totally {yootooltip title=[ unpredictable ]} unpredictable: imprevisível {/yootooltip} and I don’t think there’s a better choice to play him than Ian McShane, certainly.

The “love interest” is provided by Penelope Cruz. She plays Angelica, who is also Blackbeard’s daughter:

Johnny Depp

Penelope plays Angelica who is someone that Jack had had contact with in the years past {yootooltip title=[and it doesn’t feel like it maybe ended up all that well]} and it doesn’t feel like it maybe ended up all that well: não parecia que iria acabar bem {/yootooltip}: it might have ended {yootooltip title=[on a sour note]} on a sour note: de maneira desagradável (lit.: tom ácido) {/yootooltip}. {yootooltip title=[ It turns out ]} it turns out: descobre-se {/yootooltip} that Penelope is the daughter of Blackbeard and {yootooltip title=[ he has accepted her into the fold ]} he has accepted her into the fold: ele a aceitou no grupo {/yootooltip} and she is the love of his life. So when Jack is {yootooltip title=[ hauled ]} hauled: arrastado para, preso dentro {/yootooltip} into Blackbeard’s world, {yootooltip title=[it makes it just that much harder to get through]} it makes it just that much harder to get through: torna isso tudo ainda mais difícil {/yootooltip}. It just makes it a little bit more difficult: she has another {yootooltip title=[agenda]} agenda: objetivo, agenda {/yootooltip}.

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