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Fascinante, competente... mas uma coisa que talvez nem todos saibam é que Clooney é também generoso: nesta entrevista, gravada durante o Emmy Awards, ele fala de suas atividades filantrópicas e explica porque celebridades têm a obrigação moral de fazer donativos.
by Jordan Riefe.

George Clooney is a man who needs no introduction. In addition to being considered “one of the world’s sexiest men,” he is also an actor who invariably chooses interesting movies. He also spends a lot of time and energy raising money for – and bringing attention to – charity causes. And so, at the Emmys, when other actors received prizes for their work in television, Clooney was given the “Bob Hope Humanitarian Award” for his, {yootooltip title=[quote unquote]} quote unquote: entre aspas {/yootooltip}, “determined {yootooltip title=[commitment]} commitment: empenho, compromisso {/yootooltip} and efforts {yootooltip title=[to increase awareness of human rights issues]} to increase awareness of human rights issues: aumentar a conscientização sobre as questões de direitos humanos {/yootooltip} and {yootooltip title=[spark constructive response]} spark constructive response: estimular reações construtivas {/yootooltip} to international crises.” When he met with the press, he talked about his charity work:

George Clooney
(Standard American accent)

I don’t particularly do more than anybody else in the position I’m in. {yootooltip title=[I try to pick subjects that I can learn about]} I try to pick subjects that I can learn about: tento escolher questões sobre as quais posso me informar {/yootooltip} and then focus on and then try to do as much as I can and, {yootooltip title=[if you have a tremendous amount of heat from the spotlight]} if you have a tremendous amount of heat from the spotlight: se você recebe uma quantidade enorme de calor dos refletores {/yootooltip}, then you’re able to shine a little bit more of a light in a different direction. It’s just deflecting. My dad calls it a celebrity credit card that you just try {yootooltip title=[to cash in on]} to cash in on: tirar vantagem, utilizar {/yootooltip} in other places. And people were asking me about Haiti at one point and I said I wasn’t a Haiti expert, I was sort of a fund-raising expert, you know, more than anything, but you could name dozens of people in the music industry, in my industry and in millions of other industries, by the way, they’re.... they’re doing the same thing. I think if you’re in this position, you should do it.

He was then asked whether there was a public figure whom he personally admired:

George Clooney

There are people that I’ve worked with personally that I’ve found... the French Foreign Minister, Bernard Kouchner, {yootooltip title=[has been pretty amazing]} has been pretty amazing: tem sido realmente incrível {/yootooltip}. He sort of started {yootooltip title=[Doctors Without Borders]} Doctors Without Borders: Médicos Sem Fronteiras {/yootooltip}, but he’s always very involved in other events. I know him personally and {yootooltip title=[I’ve stumbled onto him]} I’ve stumbled onto him: tenho encontrado com ele por acaso {/yootooltip} in the Congo, in tiny villages, and I always find him to be sort of amazing in... in that way. {yootooltip title=[He wouldn’t have to be doing that]} he wouldn’t have to be doing that: ele não precisaria fazer isso {/yootooltip} at this point in his life and... but there’s, in terms of well-known celebrities, I mean, you know, Brad’s in [Brad Pitt], you know, New Orleans right now and he’s done a tremendous job of trying to bring focus and build houses. {yootooltip title=[He’s hit us all up for dough on building houses]} He’s hit us all up for dough on building houses: tem feito todos nós darmos dinheiro para construir casas {/yootooltip} and he’s really good at that. I’m impressed, but {yootooltip title=[there’s a lot of people doing a lot of really good stuff out there right now]} there’s a lot of people doing a lot of really good stuff out there right now: existem muitas pessoas fazendo coisas muito boas no momento {/yootooltip}.

And he was asked whether there was anyone who had inspired him:

George Clooney

You learn from people who do it really well. I mean, Bono was very good at that idea of... so many of our friends have... they’re people that have been doing this for ever. You know, this is not something new, from the {yootooltip title=[War Bonds]} War Bonds: Bonus de Guerra, títulos do tesouro americano emitidos pelo governo para financiar a segunda guerra mundial {/yootooltip} during World War II! We’re not reinventing the wheel here. All we’re trying to do is say that, if there’s going to be a tremendous amount of attention placed on us, it’s too much, then we should try and deflect some of it onto some people {yootooltip title=[who could really use it]} who could really use it: para quem realmente precisa {/yootooltip}. That’s all it is and, if you can do it effectively and do it without harming people along the way, then it’s a good thing, that’s all.

Yet, even though celebrities like Clooney do a lot of charity work, the money doesn’t always reach the victims. Clooney was asked how closely he and his colleagues monitored the money they raised:

George Clooney

In all of these {yootooltip title=[fundraisers]} fundraisers: arrecadações {/yootooltip} we’ve been incredibly responsible with because, every one of the places... for instance, we had seven and, at sometimes, eight different places that we gave the money to; the Red Cross, Oxfam, World Food Program, and, you know, every one of them at one point or another have had financial troubles. {yootooltip title=[They’ve gotten themselves in a little dutch]} they’ve gotten themselves in a little dutch: eles meteram-se em apuros {/yootooltip}. We make it our responsibility to make sure that the money is used in the right way, for all of them. And we’ve done that in all of these, you know, fundraisers and have always done it. {yootooltip title=[We keep close tabs on them]} we keep close tabs on them: nós ficamos de olho neles {/yootooltip}. It’s important to do.

He was also asked about Bob Hope, {yootooltip title=[the great late comedian]} the great late comedian: o falecido grande humorista {/yootooltip} who gave his name to the humanitarian {yootooltip title=[award]} award: prêmio {/yootooltip}:

George Clooney

Well, first of all, {yootooltip title=[he did it so effortlessly]} he did it so effortlessly: ele fazia isso “com um pé nas costas”, parecendo naturalmente {/yootooltip}. It wasn’t just {yootooltip title=[the USO show]} the USO show: os shows itinerantes para entreter soldados americanos no front {/yootooltip}. That’s the thing that everybody remembers him for, that he did for 50 years, but he did so many tremendous... ­he was one of the great charitable actors. He did it all. And it was... also very quiet, but he always did it with a great sense of humor.

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