286 - In the Name of Pop (the ‘70s and ‘80s)

Trocadilhos, citações cult, referências obscuras que poucos entendem: sempre é interessante saber o que os nomes das bandas significam. Ouça este artigo no CD e cheque inclusive como se pronuncia R.E.M., U2 e INXS!
by William Sutton.

In the late 1970s, punk returned to the style of names beginning with “The.” Bands {yootooltip title=[ upset the establishment ]} upset the establishment: transtornaram o sistema {/yootooltip} with their controversial attitudes. The Clash means conflict. The Damned means condemned. The Pogues’ name comes from the Irish for “{yootooltip title=[kiss my arse]} kiss my arse: Literalmente “beija o meu traseiro” (em inglês, essa frase também é de péssimo gosto). Notem que os norte-americanos usam a palavra “ass” que, para os ingleses, quer dizer “asno”. {/yootooltip}”. The Sex Pistols, with their combination of sex and violence, created moral panic.
After punk, names became more varied – like the music. The Cure sounds like an antidote to punk aggression. Morrissey chose the most ordinary English name for his band: The Smiths. {yootooltip title=[ Drummer ]} drummer: baterista, percurssionista {/yootooltip} Stewart Copeland perhaps called his band The Police because his father was a {yootooltip title=[ CIA ]} CIA - Central Intelligence Agency {/yootooltip} agent, but he joked that the
name gave them free publicity in every country.

Glam rock and new wave names were often inspired by literature, design and cinema. Others took names from song titles or {yootooltip title=[lyrics]} lyrics: letra de músicas {/yootooltip}.
Another {yootooltip title=[ fashion ]} fashion: moda {/yootooltip} used acronyms, initials and numbers. ABBA means father in Hebrew, but it also stands for the band members: Agnetha, Björn, Benny and Anni-Frid (Frida).
AC/DC means alternating current/direct current. The band chose it to suggest electrical power. They didn’t realise that it is also slang for bisexual. R.E.M. means Rapid Eye Movement, the state of sleep when we dream.
Some initials form words when they are spoken. XTC sounds like ecstasy; INXS suggests “in excess.” Other bands {yootooltip title=[ shortened ]} shortened: abreviaram {/yootooltip} their names: Electric Light Orchestra to ELO; Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark to OMD. The origin of U2’s name is debated. It may be the classroom where the band met, or an Irish {yootooltip title=[unemployment form]} unemployment form: formulário para seguro-desemprego {/yootooltip}, or a US spy plane {yootooltip title=[ shot down ]} shot down: abatido {/yootooltip} during the Cold War. It also suggests interactivity: “you too.”

The 1980s saw a resurgence of bizarre names. Some sound like corporations: Public Image Limited, The Style Council. Others {yootooltip title=[ conjure up ]} conjure up: evocam {/yootooltip} comical images of the band: Super {yootooltip title=[Furry Animals]} furry animals: animais peludos {/yootooltip}, Manic Street {yootooltip title=[Preachers]} preachers: pregadores {/yootooltip}, Half Man Half Biscuit. There was a new fashion for using complete sentences. Heavy Metal favours metallic names (Led {yootooltip title=[Zeppelin]} zeppelin: tipo de dirigível alemão {/yootooltip}, {yootooltip title=[Iron Maiden]} iron maiden: é um instrumento de tortura {/yootooltip}, Metallica), dangerous names ({yootooltip title=[Poison]} poison: veneno {/yootooltip}, Anthrax, Guns’n’Roses), dark and biblical names (Black Sabbath, The Darkness, Exodus, Armageddon).
The ‘80s ended as the ‘70s began, with drug and dance culture {yootooltip title=[flourishing]} flourishing: em grande efervescência {/yootooltip}. In 1967’s Summer of Love, The Flowerpot Men mixed “flower power” with “pot” (cannabis), although “Bill and Ben the Flower Pot Men” was also the name of a famous children’s TV programme on the BBC.
In 1989’s Summer of Love, The Stone Roses were still combining flowers with {yootooltip title=[getting "stoned"]} getting stoned: drogar-se, “ficar chapado” {/yootooltip}.

Titles and Lyrics:

Rolling Stone is a Muddy Waters song.
Simple Minds is a phrase in David Bowie’s song “Jean Genie.”
Sisters Of Mercy is a Leonard Cohen song, named after a religious order.
The Small Faces were inspired by The Who’s song “I’m the Face.”

Bands and Literature
The Velvet Underground is a book about sex by Michael Leigh.
The Doors of Perception is a book about psychedelic drugs by Aldous Huxley.
Steppenwolf is a Herman Hesse novel.
Supertramp: from Autobiography of a Supertramp by R.E. Davies.
The Birthday Party (Nick Cave) is a play by Harold Pinter.
Joy Division: from the novel The House of Dolls by “Ka-Tzetnik 135633.”
Marillion: from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion.
Savage Garden: from The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice.

Art and Revolution
Bauhaus was a school of architecture in 1920s Germany.
Spandau Ballet was a kind of torture in Berlin’s Spandau Prison.
Depeche Mode is a French fashion magazine.
Eurythmics: an art and movement therapy from the 1890s.

Bands Which Are Complete Sentences:
Pop Will Eat Itself/ Curiosity Killed the Cat
Johnny Hates Jazz/ Dead Can Dance
Yo La Tengo

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