285 - Anglesey

É uma das ilhas mais belas do Reino Unido, é riquíssima em história e pode ser explorada a pé! Particularidades interessantes? A presença do vilarejo com o nome mais longo do mundo: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobb-wyllllantysiliogogogoch (melhor ficarmos com seu apelido, Llanfair P.G.), e uma curiosa semelhança com Avatar...
by John Rigg.

The Isle of Anglesey is located on the north-west coast of Wales. It is one of the most beautiful regions of Great Britain, and has a long and important history. This month the Anglesey Walking Festival offers visitors the chance to discover the island, its legends and its industrial past. The festival runs from May 28th to June 12th.

The Walking Festival includes over 40 different walks. The Lligwy walk visits three historic eras: first a Neolithic {yootooltip title=[burial chamber]} burial chamber - câmara mortuária {/yootooltip}, then a Roman fort, and finally a 12th century church on an isolated hill.
Another walk explores Parys Copper Mountain with its amazing and colourful {yootooltip title=[open mines]} open mines - minas a céu aberto {/yootooltip}. There are many surprises: the 13th century Beaumaris Castle, for example. King Edward I built this castle after he conquered Wales.

Festival guides recount the island’s many legends. There was Madam Wen, a {yootooltip title=[ highway woman ]} highway woman - bandida, ladra das estradas {/yootooltip} who terrorised the island’s rich merchants. There’s the Lane of Spirits, where {yootooltip title=[ a ghostly Roman legion ]} a ghostly Roman legion - o fantasma de uma legião romana {/yootooltip} marches. And there’s Beaumaris town clock: a prisoner in the {yootooltip title=[ town gaol ]} town gaol - cadeia da cidade {/yootooltip} {yootooltip title=[cursed the clock before his execution]} cursed the clock before his execution - amaldiçoou o relógio antes de ser executado {/yootooltip}. It hasn’t functioned since his death. The festival isn’t only for history lovers. There are also romantic speed-dating walks for single people. Then there is the new sport of Geocaching: a high-technology {yootooltip title=[treasure hunt]} treasure hunt - caça ao tesouro {/yootooltip}. Competitors use GPS navigators to find hidden treasures.

Anglesey doesn’t appear to be an island. It is, however, separated from the {yootooltip title=[ Welsh mainland ]} Welsh mainland - País de Gales continental {/yootooltip} by the {yootooltip title=[ narrow ]} narrow - estreito {/yootooltip} Menai Strait. There are two bridges across the strait, the Menai Bridge and the Britannia Bridge, with its famous lion statues. On the mainland side, there are the magnificent Snowdonia Mountains; on the other, the flat lands of the island. Anglesey was originally called “Mother of Wales” (Mam Cymru) because of these fertile fields. It is now a recognised European area of beauty.

The history of the island is strangely similar to the recent Hollywood film Avatar. In the first century the Roman Empire conquered Britain. Anglesey was the last Celtic region. The Roman historian Tacitus recorded the Battle of the Menai Strait.
A line of Celtic warriors, men and women, stood across the water. Their leaders, the Druids, shouted terrifying {yootooltip title=[spells]} spells - maldições, feitiços {/yootooltip}.
Many Roman soldiers were paralysed with fear. The Romans lost many men. After a terrible battle, the Roman army were victorious. They killed the Druids and destroyed their sacred {yootooltip title=[oak trees]} oak trees - carvalhos {/yootooltip}.

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How much do you remember from Anglesey?