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Esta pitoresca cidadezinha às portas de Los Angeles tem resistido às pressões, mantendo uma qualidade de vida com cidadania. E assim pretende permanecer: uma amostra da Califórnia de outros tempos (onde Hollywood vem rodar seus filmes)!
by Talitha Linehan.

{yootooltip title=[ When you wander ]} when you wander - passeia, sai caminhando {/yootooltip} through the streets of South Pasadena, in southern California, it’s easy to believe you’re on a film set. So it’s no surprise that the city is a popular movie location: examples include The Terminator, {yootooltip title=[Gone with the Wind]} Gone with the Wind - E o Vento Levou {/yootooltip}, Halloween, American Pie and {yootooltip title=[Legally Blonde]} Legally Blonde - Legalmente Loira {/yootooltip}. We asked City Manager John Davidson why South Pasadena was such a favorite with Hollywood producers:

John Davidson
(Standard American accent)

I think it’s popular for a couple of reasons. One, you know, we go back to the homes, the trees, some of the wide streets that you might see. On top of that, it is, {yootooltip title=[from a filming standpoint]} from a filming standpoint - do ponto de vista da indústria cinematográfica {/yootooltip} , it’s rather close to Hollywood. So you can get over to Hollywood pretty quickly from here, to the west side. And {yootooltip title=[it makes economic sense for them]} it makes economic sense for them - é economicamente conveniente para eles {/yootooltip}, as opposed to... having to travel for days, or extended trips. We’re relatively close to the downtown area, but you don’t feel it.
{yootooltip title=[We’re ten minutes away but you’d never know it]} we’re ten minutes away but you’d never know it - estamos a 10 minutos (do centro) mas não dá para perceber {/yootooltip}.

Another {yootooltip title=[ striking ]} striking - marcante {/yootooltip} characteristic of South Pasadena is the relative absence of traffic. As John Davidson explains, residents have managed to defend their community from the horrors of urban development:

John Davidson:

The people in South Pasadena had a vision. And they recognised that we’re... not going to fall, in the way that so many other communities have, to where they were going {yootooltip title=[to allow developers to drive what the community looks like]} to allow developers to drive what the community looks like - permitir aos construtores decidir como será a “cara” da cidade.. {/yootooltip}, versus the community will drive what the developers are going to be allowed to do. So I’m going to say it’s been a combination of citizen involvement, good government and selective projects being, you know, processed and the ability to say yes, but also the ability to say no. It’s a community that recognized a long time ago that our schools are important, and we have wonderful schools here, they’re just incredible, but they’ve also recognized that, no, it’s not going to happen here in South Pas, where they’re preserving the past and, you know, and they’re also proactive in looking at the future.

South Pasadena is just 10 miles from the hyperactivity of Downtown Los Angeles, but, with its quiet streets, tall trees and friendly atmosphere, it seems like a different world. South Pasadena, a city on the east side of Los Angeles, is home to a {yootooltip title=[haunted theatre]} haunted theatre - cinema mal-assombrado {/yootooltip}, a {yootooltip title=[ vintage pharmacy ]} vintage pharmacy - farmácia de época {/yootooltip} and the first {yootooltip title=[ ostrich farm ]} ostrich farm - fazenda de criação de avestruzes {/yootooltip} in the United States. Farmers from the area {yootooltip title=[ gather ]} gather - reúnem-se {/yootooltip} at the Farmer’s Market every Thursday to sell their {yootooltip title=[ produce ]} produce - produtos agrícolas {/yootooltip} while local artists provide free entertainment. Residents and visitors {yootooltip title=[ stroll through the tree-lined streets ]} stroll through the tree-lined streets - passeiam ao longo das ruas arborizadas {/yootooltip} at all times of the day admiring the characteristic homes and historical buildings. Shoppers visit the many boutiques, {yootooltip title=[art houses and antique stores]} art houses and antique stores - galerias de arte e lojas de antiguidades {/yootooltip}. And nature lovers go to the local parks, forests and gardens to cycle, {yootooltip title=[ hike ]} hike - caminhar {/yootooltip} or just lie on the grass on a warm sunny afternoon.

But that isn’t all. Another thing that makes South Pasadena so {yootooltip title=[ remarkable ]} remarkable - digno de nota {/yootooltip} is that it is relatively free of traffic. This is thanks to the community’s refusal to allow city planners to build a {yootooltip title=[ freeway ]} freeway - auto-estrada {/yootooltip} through their community. Now planners are considering building a freeway under the city instead.
John Davidson is the City Manager of South Pasadena and he has lived in the area all his life. As he explains in the interview, the residents of “South Pas” are very proud of their city, while tourists love visiting it.

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