271 - Paul Baines

Quem serve de referência para Paul Baines? Duchamp, Warhol e Banksy. Nascido em 1968, ele se autodefine como um paradoxo: indoor street artist. E sua obra, que transita entre o grafite e o design gráfico por computador, está dando o que falar no mundo da arte inglesa...
by John Rigg.

Paul Baines says he is an {yootooltip title=[indoor street artist]} indoor street artist - grafiteiro “de interiores” {/yootooltip}: experts predict he will be the next star of the UK art scene. Baines captures images of the modern world in order to reveal its contradictions. His most famous and controversial piece shows the new US president Barack Obama as a Black Christ {yootooltip title=[wearing a crown of thorns]} wearing a crown of thorns - usando uma coroa de espinhos {/yootooltip}.

Baines is a bridge between today’s graffiti artists, such as the {yootooltip title=[ infamous ]} infamous - infame, famigerado {/yootooltip} Banksy, and the Pop Art tradition of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. He uses iconic images to protest against the injustice of our world: his Black Christ is about today’s media.
Baines explains: “Barack Obama cannot save the world. He’s a good man, perhaps a great politician, but the media will ‘martyr’ him {yootooltip title=[when he fails to save our world]} when he fails to save our world - quando ele falhar em salvar o mundo {/yootooltip}”.

What is an artist today? Baines thinks of himself as {yootooltip title=[a fake]} a fake - um impostor {/yootooltip}: he doesn’t paint on {yootooltip title=[ canvas ]} canvas - tela {/yootooltip} or buildings. This explains why he calls himself an indoor street artist; real street artists paint, often illegally, on the walls of buildings.
He says: “I have only done digital art for the last 10 years. I’ll probably get face cancer from my computer screen!” Yet he is an artist with a vocation: he cannot exist without expressing the ideas {yootooltip title=[that boil inside him]} that boil inside him - que fervilham dentro dele {/yootooltip}.

Baines was born in 1968, the year of revolution, and he grew up in Thatcher’s Britain. His print Bill and Ben echoes this period with the contrasting images of London’s Big Ben and {yootooltip title=[ riot police ]} riot police - espécie de batalhão de choque da polícia {/yootooltip} – the police are known as “the Old Bill” in British slang. He says: “Brits used to protest. Today we cannot meet in groups of more than twelve. We cannot protest outside our place of government.”
Baines used to work in a {yootooltip title=[factory]} factory - fábrica {/yootooltip}. He even spent a day at an {yootooltip title=[abattoir]} abattoir - matadouro {/yootooltip}, which was {yootooltip title=[ not the best choice ]} not the best choice - não é a melhor das escolhas {/yootooltip} for a vegetarian. After working for a London {yootooltip title=[publisher]} publisher - editora {/yootooltip}, he suffered from severe depression and attempted suicide twice. Fortunately, his success as an artist has brought stability to his life, and the future looks bright, with exhibitions of his work planned for London, Paris and Montreal.

London has been one of the most important centres in the art world since the 1990s; people come to London not only for major events such as the Frieze Art Fair, but also for its 400 commercial galleries.
London is also one of the richest centres in the world due to the number of billionaires who now live in the capital in order to take advantage of Britain’s {yootooltip title=[lenient tax laws]} lenient tax laws - leis fiscais permissivas {/yootooltip}, and its successful financial industry. The {yootooltip title=[ credit crunch ]} credit crunch - crise econômica (que causou escassez geral de crédito) {/yootooltip} may change this position drastically.

“{yootooltip title=[ I do not worship ]} I do not worship - idolatro {/yootooltip} celebrity, {yootooltip title=[ I distrust ]} I distrust - eu não confio em... {/yootooltip} power. We live in a corrupted democracy.”

“It is better to be prepared than simply hope.”

“I’m lucky. I create art; finally, I am free to do {yootooltip title=[ what gives me purpose ]} what gives me purpose - aquilo que me dá um objetivo {/yootooltip} on this planet.”

“I’m a post-modernist {yootooltip title=[troublemaker]} troublemaker - encrenqueiro {/yootooltip},
but I’m sincere!”

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How much do you remember from Paul Baines?