270 - Good Fabulous Food

O cheiro, assim como a fala, influencia o estado de ânimo e suscita emoções. Quem sempre soube entendê-lo é Erica Bauermeister, escritora americana aficionada pelo slow food.
by Mark Worden.

Erica Bauermeister is a writer who lives in Seattle, Washington. She is the author of the novel, The School of Essential Ingredients, which was published in the United States by Putnam. The book is a celebration of the joys of food. It central character, Lillian, runs a restaurant, which she closes one night a week in order to teach the art of cooking. Eight people {yootooltip title=[ sign up for her course ]} sign up for her course - inscrevem-se para o seu curso {/yootooltip} and each chapter of the book is dedicated to one of the nine {yootooltip title=[characters]} characters - personagens {/yootooltip}. Each chapter explains the role played by food – particularly quality, slow food – in their lives. The book has been {yootooltip title=[ a runaway success ]} a runaway success - um estrondoso sucesso {/yootooltip} in the States and is now being promoted internationally.
Speak Up met with Erica Bauermeister – she talked about the book’s publication:

Erica Bauermeister
(Standard American accent)

I wrote two non-fiction books back in the ‘90s and then I wrote a series of projects {yootooltip title=[ that didn’t get picked up ]} that didn’t get picked up - que não foram aproveitados pelas editoras {/yootooltip} for about 10 years. I had this one, which I started in about 2001, and just {yootooltip title=[kept going back to, forward back, forward back]} kept going back to, forward back, forward back - e que continuava a retomá-lo para depois largar de novo {/yootooltip}, and then, in 2006, a series of things happened which just convinced me that life was short and I should do this one. And, {yootooltip title=[oddly]} oddly - estranhamente {/yootooltip}, this was the book that I had always said I was writing simply for me, {yootooltip title=[I didn’t care if it sold]} I didn’t care if it sold - não me importava se venderia muito ou não {/yootooltip}.
And then the first agent I sent it to, bought it, she sent it out to eight publishers in the United States: we had an answer within 12 hours. I’ve never experienced anything like that. And the number of blog {yootooltip title=[reviews]} reviews - comentários, críticas {/yootooltip}, the number of letters I’ve gotten, it’s just been fantastic.

We also asked her to read a passage from the book. She began with a brief explanation:

Erica Bauermeister:

So this is a part of the story where Lillian the cooking teacher is a young child and she is first discovering food:
“It was the cooking that occurred in her friends’ homes that fascinated Lillian, the aromas {yootooltip title=[ that started calling to her ]} that started calling to her - que começavam a chamá-la {/yootooltip} just when she had to go home in the evening. Some smells were {yootooltip title=[sharp]} sharp - picante, pungente {/yootooltip}, {yootooltip title=[an olfactory clatter of heels across a hardwood floor]} an olfactory clatter of heels across a hardwood floor - o equivalente olfativo de pisadas atravessando o assoalho de madeira {/yootooltip}. Others felt like the warmth in the air at the far end of summer. Lillian watched as {yootooltip title=[ the scent of melting cheese ]} the scent of melting cheese - o odor do queijo derretendo {/yootooltip} brought children languidly from their rooms, saw {yootooltip title=[how garlic made them talkative]} how garlic made them talkative - como o alho os tornava falantes {/yootooltip}, jokes expanding into stories of their days. Lillian thought it odd that not all mothers seemed to see it. Sarah’s mother, for instance, always cooked curry when she was fighting with her teenage daughter, {yootooltip title=[the smell rocketing through the house like a challenge]} the smell rocketing through the house like a challenge - o cheiro que disparava pela casa como que um desafio {/yootooltip}, but Lillian soon realised that many people did not comprehend the language of smells that, to Lillian, was {yootooltip title=[as obvious as a billboard]} as obvious as a billboard - tão evidente quanto um outdoor, painel em exibição {/yootooltip}.”

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