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354 - Genesis classic live

Ray Wilson (Scottish accent)

Hi, this is Ray Wilson here in Milano. I’m going to be performing a concert soon which I’m very much looking forward to, I have to say. I’ve been playing music now for, oh, a long time, since I was 13, so more years than I care to remember. We have a multitude of songs in the show, ranging from the whole Genesis world and solo careers that have come from Genesis, also from my own time with Stiltskin and as a solo artist and one or two of the collaborations that I’ve done over the years as well. So that’s it, it’s (an) exciting time to be in Milano and I hope – well, I know – we’re going to have a great time, really looking forward to it!.


Cantiamo una canzone tutti insieme!

Ray Wilson (sings):

“Start spreading the news...”

(Ray Wilson was talking to Mark Worden)

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