351 - Zero Carbon Food

Steven Dring (Standard British/Bristol accent)

We’re going to tell you about our exciting new business, Zero Carbon Food, and our first brand, “Growing Underground”.

To make this a successful venture, we need to build a strong board and a strong team around that, so we contacted a horticulturalist who’s got 30 years’ experience of growing in some of the harshest environments on the planet; we’ve brought on board Chris Nelson.

Chris Nelson (Standard British/mild northern accent)

OK, here we’ve got the perfect environment for growing these crops down here. We have control over the light, temperature and the heat, we also use a recirculating water sysem, so we control the feed and the water to the plants, and because of the location we don’t have to worry about pests and disease or adverse weather conditions.

Steven Dring

So we’ve brought on board one of the country’s leading horticulturalists, but we also need to continue to build our team and we need somebody with a great palate to help us with product development, which is why we’ve brought on board Michel Roux, Jr.

Michel Roux, Jr. (Standard British/mild London accent)

When I first met these guys I thought they were absolutely crazy, but they’re crazy for the right reason! They’re like me, they’re passionate about what they’re doing. I’ve lived in South London for most of my life, in fact I live in Clapham, and I knew of these tunnels, I knew they were there all the time, but when I went down there for the first time, I was blown away, absolutely blown away, not only by their size, but by the magnificent produce that’s actually growing there now. These little shoots were grown there. I’ve brought them with me, they are unbelievable. This is just the beginning, the beginning of an adventure. Little shoots like this can be grown, wonderful salads, leaves, herbs. It’s something that I... I had to do, and I had to follow, and I’ve joined up with these guys, I’ve been making decisions with them and pushing this product. The market for this is huge!

Steven Dring

Global farming is responsible for a third of the world’s output of CO2, the depletion of oil, water resources and the use of mineral phosphates. It just isn’t future-proof.

Richard Ballard (Standard British/mild Bristol accent)

Our method uses virtually no food miles, no pesticides, giving you a longer shelf life, year-round availability, consistent pricing whilst delivering to our customers punchy, innovative flavours of microgreens and mixed salads.