345 - Recommended Reading: Lord of the Flies

Rob Anderson (Standard British accent)

The story is that some public schoolboys are… are stranded on a desert island and it’s a story of how they organize themselves. They’re obviously free to create whatever structure of… of… of society they want and it’s a classic book to… to do with young people, of course, because the… it’s… it’s… the question that… that you can put to young people is “Well, what would you do if were free, totally free, to decide how to behave etc. etc. ?” And it’s very interesting in that Golding presents first of all a democratic society. They elect a leader and the leader attempts to direct them here and there, but very quickly this breaks down into factions and… and violence raises its head as well, but it seems to be… to be about rules and regulations and whether they should be followed or broken and people’s responsibility to those rules and regulations.

(Rob Anderson was talking to Mark Worden)