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356 - On Carnaby Street

Joanna Moncrieff (Standard British/London accent)

The heyday of Carnaby Street, the entire time it got its fame from, was in the 1960s, when John Stephen opened up a series of clothes shops for men with things like hipster trousers and floral shirts. Men had this type of clothes before, so suddenly this was the place to come, for all your trendy clothes, and this is where people like The Beatles, The Kinks, Cliff Richard, all these stars of the day would go to Carnaby Street to buy their clothes, and that’s where their fans would go too, and the clothes were trendy and cheap, and that is what has put Carnaby Street in the history books, for a very short period in the 1960s, which people are still celebrating today, 50 years on.

(Joanna Moncrieff was talking to Mark Worden)


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