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354 - The Super Bowl!

Sharon Krengel (Standard American accent)

Yeah, lots of women watch and like football, and football of all kinds, you know, the football that their kids are playing, they go watch that, or college football, or professional football, and I... I think it’s because it... well, it’s the number one sport in America and it’s kind of hard to get away from, but I think it’s also because, you know... it... it... the sport has become kind of genderless, I mean in terms of the fans, so, you know, it’s something that families do on a Sunday, whether they go to a professional football game, or they watch it on television, something their friends do, and so I think over the years, as it’s become more ubiquitous, there are games all Sunday afternoon and there is a game on Sunday evening too, and so, as it has become more ubiquitous and more... popular, folks who you might think, you know, wouldn’t like it as much; like women, because they, you know, women don’t generally play football, and they certainly don’t play professional football, or perhaps, you know, they would be put off by the... the violence of the sport, you know, more and more women have been brought into the sport over the years as it’s gotten more popular, and it has... and... as it has become one of the main... diversions for Americans to watch football, whether at the game or at home. So I think it’s, you know, it’s brought in more fans over the decades and... those fans have been, you know, children, women, men, you know, older people, families, everybody.

(Sharon Krengel was talking to Mark Worden)

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