351 - Recommended reading: On Brick Lane

Rachel Lichtenstein (Standard British accent)

Hello, my name’s Rachel Lichtenstein. I’m a writer and an artist and I’m standing outside Sandys Row Synagogue in Spitalfields which is the oldest Ashkenazi synagogue in the East End and round the corner is Petticoat Lane Market and then a few streets away is Brick Lane, which is the subject of my second book, On Brick Lane.

Brick Lane today is a place I almost do not recognize, it’s so vastly changed, it’s now... from being a street where different waves of immigrant groups have... have settled and made their home for a very long period of time, a real working street in London, it’s now one of the most kind of fashionable, expensive areas full of estate agents and coffee shops and vintage clothes stores: a very, very different Brick Lane to the Brick Lane that I knew.

(Rachel Lichtenstein was talking to Mark Worden)


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