349 - Lady Gaga’s Jeweller...


Speaker: Mark Worden (Standard British accent)

Katie Rowland is a successful young British jewellery designer. We asked her about her most famous client:

Katie Rowland (Standard British accent)

Well, I was asked to create a headpiece for Lady Gaga. She was great to work with, actually. We based it on sort of 1920s, with the fringing, obviously The Great Gatsby, and the film and we have a lot of sort Déco-inspired films out at the moment and... and... that are due out . Obviously, it heavily inspired this kind of look. And, you know, it was great because, obviously, she’s a very kind of creative lady anyway, and a very extravagant, strong character, and being able to create this headpiece, which was made from chain , which... we had fine chain, which draped over the face here, and came back over the hair here. We had slightly loose chains, which were all tipped with diamante, which was fantastic, so every time you moved, you would get this kind of sparkle, sparkle, sparkle, sparkle, around the head, so almost creating like a halo effect, which was beautiful.

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