347 - Shakespeare in London

Hannah Crawforth (Standard British accent)

Hello, I’m Dr. Hannah Crawforth, I am a senior lecturer in Early Modern Literature at King’s College London where I teach Shakespeare and his contemporaries. I’ve recently co-written a book called Shakespeare in London with Jennifer Young and Sarah Dustagheer, and the book explores Shakespeare’s relationship to the city in which he lived and worked, tracing certain connections between his plays and the places in which he was living. I’m also involved in the London Shakespeare Centre and its commemorations for Shakespeare400 happening this year to mark 400 years since Shakespeare died. This can all be seen on the website Shakespeare400.org. We are having lots of cultural events to mark Shakespeare’s anniversary, including the publication of a book of new poems, which I’ve been involved with editing, creative responses to Shakespeare, and that’s called On Shakespeare’s Sonnets, and that’s published by Bloomsbury.

(Hannah Crawforth was talking to Mark Worden)

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