344 - How to create your own app

Geoff Marshall (Standard British accent)

Hello, I’m Geoff, I’m a Londoner, I’m the world record-holder for travelling to all the Tube stations in London in the fastest time possible, and because of that, I built my own iPhone Apple app because, to get that world record, I needed to know the best carriage to be in in every train station, and we had a note of that information on paper in a notebook. And I thought one day, “This could be on my phone in an app,” so me and my friend Matt, the two of us, sat down and we took all this information about, you know, being in the front carriage, being in the rear carriage, put it into a database, subscribed up to Apple’s developer programme, got all the tools and goodies and learnt how to put that information into an app, which we now sell on the Apple iTunes store, so I have my own app on my phone, which I use when I’m out on trains to... remind myself of which carriage I should be in!

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