339 - London gin tours: Shake, Rattle and Stir!

Leon Dalloway (Standard British/mild Midlands accent)

My name’s Leon, Leon Dalloway, I am head honcho at Shake, Rattle and Stir, and I have a few booze tours around London. My gin tour I kicked off with was the Gin Journey, which is basically a voyage into the world of gin, an exploration into all that’s amazing about gin, you learn about the history of gin, about production of gin, you’re chauffeur-driven around town, in a gin carriage to five different gin-inspired venues, including one working gin distillery in East London, you try five different gins throughout the evening with a lot of tasting techniques along the way, you have five different gin cocktails, and generally you just have a lovely time, that is the main idea!

(Leon Dalloway was talking to Mark Worden)