332 - Good Ol’ Freda!



Freda Kelly (Liverpool accent)

I’ve been a secretary for half a century. It’s not as exciting as my last job! (The Beatles: “Love, love me do!”) The Beatles needed a secretary. I just couldn’t believe that I was starting my dream job, working for The Beatles!

Billy Kinsley (Liverpool accent)

The Beatles were together 10 years.Freda, she was there right before they made it, and right after they finished.

George Harrison (Liverpool accent)

On behalf of us all, I’d just like to say a great big thank you to our secretary, Freda Kelly...

The other Beatles (Liverpool accent)

Good ol’ Freda!

Freda Kelly

Silly me!I gave out my home address as the fan club address, and the van rolled up!

I was very naive.

Once I joined The Beatles organisation, I grew up overnight, in more ways than one. I was out with Paul walking somewhere and somebody saw us and then it was, you know, I was marrying Paul. They got a quote: “Paul McCartney is not marrying Freda Kelly!”

Somebody sent a pillow case in and said, “Can you get Ritchie (Ringo Starr’s real name was Richard Starkey - ed) to sleep on it. I remember saying to his mum, “Can you make sure he sleeps on it?”

Tony Barrow (Liverpool accent)

Freda was far more than a secretary to The Beatles. She was a family member.

Freda Kelly

It’s all fun when we were teenagers, but your life changes.

Paul McCartney (Liverpool accent)

Well, obviously, we can’t keep playing the same sort of music. Freda Kelly It wasn’t what the Beatles were doing as a group any more; it was what they were doing individually.

Interviewer, c. 1970 (Standard British accent)

Is the atmosphere of the day anything like it was 10 years ago? Freda Kelly No, no. Interviewer What’s missing? Freda Kelly The closeness.

Angie McCartney (Liverpool accent)

This story of Freda Kelly is... will be one of the last true stories of The Beatles that you’ll ever really hear.

Freda Kelly

I don’t know why they picked me. Maybe it was just fate and I was taken along for this 10-year, exciting ride.

I was, am still, a Beatle fan.

Interviewer today (Irish accent)

Did you go out with any of them?

Freda Kelly


Interviewer today

There’s stories there?

Freda Kelly

Oh, there is stories, but I don’t want anybody’s hair falling out!


The documentary Good Ol’ Freda is available from both iTunes and Amazon, in English, of course.