330 - Rebecca Ferguson: I love Liverpool!



Rebecca Ferguson has become a pop star, thanks to her performance on the TV show The X Factor. She is a native of Liverpool and we asked her whether her home town was important for her:

Rebecca Ferguson (Liverpool accent)

My home town’s very important to me, Liverpool, yeah, I think it... it’s... it’s made me who I am, and I am very patriotic about my city, like! I am quite... I get home as much as I can and I like to go to like the local places and pubs and clubs and I like to just... I don’t tend to venture much out of my home town, really, unless I’m working ‘cause I just love home, so, yeah!

Rebecca Ferguson is also a single mother. She had her first baby when she was 17 and her second when she was 19. Not surprisingly, she was asked about motherhood:

Rebecca Ferguson

There can be a negative thought about having children, especially ‘cause everyone’s so career-driven, and they are, they’re chasing... they’re chasing money, they’re chasing all these things that they think are going to make them happy, and that’s what I wrote ‘Nothing’s Real But Love’ about. It’s like you think all these things are going to make you happy but, like, my children are what make me happy and nothing compares to that and I did think, when I found out I was having my little girl, Lily, that, “OK; this is it now, what I am going to do? You know, there goes my dreams!” But I found, if anything, it gives you that extra kick, and it makes you more focused because everything that you do, you’ve got two other people to think of, so every decision I make in work, I’m not just thinking of me, I’m thinking of my children and their future. So I think having children for me has been a blessing, but I don’t... I’m not saying that for everyone it’s... it’s easy, but for me I’ve just found them... they’ve just made my life so much better, yeah.

Did she feel that she had missed out on her youth?

Rebecca Ferguson

It’s funny because I mean I... I live a... quite a fun life, I go out with my friends and I get to do things lots of things that people probably would have done when I was that age, but, if anything, it actually kept me out of trouble because a lot of my friends and people I grew up with, when I was at home having babies, they were getting into some terrible trouble!