329 - Recommended Reading: Raymond Chandler


Daniel Richards (Standard British accent)
If you’re into thrillers, which I am for that sort of holiday time reading or reading on the beach, then if you want to stay this side of the Atlantic, from the UK, I would recommend Berlin Noir, which is a trilogy by Philip Kerr. (It’s) quite simply written and entertaining, I would say, but if you want to go for something simpler, in terms of prose, then go over the Atlantic to the other side, and have a look at The Big Sleep or The Long Goodbye, for example, two classics, absolute classics, by Raymond Chandler, who writes this kind of prose, and I quote: “I needed a drink. I needed a lot of life insurance. I needed a vacation. I needed a home in the country: what I had was a coat, a hat and a gun. I put them on and went out of the room.” So, I mean, that is the style. He’s full of… excellent quotes, things like: “There is no trap so deadly as the trap that you set for yourself,” or, even, perhaps, the most classic: “To say goodbye is to die a little.” So, all pretty easy to understand for intermediate and above, and really good fun. Good luck!
(Daniel Richards was talking to Mark Worden)
THE BOOKS Raymond Chandler (1889-1959)
The Big Sleep (1939) and The Long Goodbye (1953) have both been made into films: The Big Sleep (1946) was directed by Howard Hawks and starred Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, while The Long Goodbye (1973) was directed by Robert Altman and starred Elliott Gould. Daniel Richards is a former university lecturer who now runs an agency and recording studio in Milan called Networks.