327 - My multi-racial family - Vanessa Diffenbaugh



Vanessa Diffenbaugh, autora de The Language of Flowers, também é responsável legal por vários menores. Perguntamos a ela sobre essa experiência de família multi-racial.


Vanessa Diffenbaugh (Standard American accent)

We definitely have a very diverse family and there have been moments that have been very interesting. I think that the first month that our son Trevon came to live with us, and he’s African American and… was raised very, very Christian – my husband is Jewish – and, within two weeks of being at our house, he was at a Passover dinner! And I think that was… an interesting experience for him.

I think the good thing was he’s always been a kid that’s very interested in religion, all religion: he likes reading the original texts. Right now he’s a freshman at New York University and he’s reading many of the important religious texts because he wants to understand the root of religion. So I think for him it wasn’t traumatic as much as it was an interesting experience. We had a lot of playful banter, I would say, in our family, about race.

You know, my husband would always tease them that… our African American kids… he’d buy them grape soda and orange soda because it’s a stereotype that African American people drink grape soda! So little things, you know, we would acknowledge it a lot, but one of the first things that happened also when Trevon came to live with us was Obama was running for president and that was a wonderful uniting experience for our family; we would watch – every single night – the news on Obama and he’s, of course, African American, but he has a white mother also. So that was… I think, brought us closer as a family.

Vanessa Diffenbaugh was talking to Mark Worden