325 - 5 Seconds of Summer on Social Media



Calum Hood (Australian accent)

I feel like ‘cause this band started on social media… Luke started putting up covers on YouTube, it’s… it’s very big with this band, and our relationship with our fans means a lot to us. It’s very personal between us and our fans. I feel like they know a lot about us, which is why they feel so connected with us and… and they want to know everything, you know, so we… so we do, we tell them everything and it’s very important, I think, nowadays, so, yeah.

(5 Seconds of Summer were speaking at a press conference near Milan’s Piazza del Duomo)


The music industry's latest sensation is called 5 Seconds of Summer. The group, which consists of four young Australians, has been labelled a "boy band" by the media, but the music is "pop punk." The band's eponymous first album was released in June and it debuted at number one in many countries, including Italy, where "5SOS" opened for One Direction at Milan's San Siro stadium. Before the show the band held a press conference at the city's Piazza del Duomo. Thousands of screaming girls greeted the new stars...