Russell Crowe (Australian accent)

Well, I’ve been a fan of Darren’s work for quite some time, the director Darren Aranofsky. So it was kind of one of those calls that, you know, you want to receive, you know (that's my phone I'd better to turn it off). So, you know, that was an intriguing phone call to get, and he said to me, when he first called me, he said, “I want to tell you the title of the movie, but don’t say anything after I tell you the title, and I want to make you two promises.” He said, “The title of the film’s Noah,” and he said, “Here’s the two promises. Promise number one; you don’t have to wear sandals! And Promise number two; I’ll never have you on the bow of a ship flanked by a giraffe and an elephant!” So that, you know, was a humorous beginning to the... a very serious journey, but it kind of let me know that he was, you know... he had... an original perspective on how he was going to tell the tale.