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323 - Elijah Wood: Don’t Shoot the Piano Player


Elijah Wood (Standard American accent) 

It has a sort of Hitchcockian suspense to it, in the sense that it’s about a man who’s playing piano during this classical performance, who’s held hostage, unbeknownst to the audience, and he ends up communicating via an earpiece device with this unknown assailant, and the stakes are constantly getting higher and higher. Five years prior to this film, the actions and the events of the film, five years prior, he had played a piece on stage that he kind of fell apart. It was a massive fail as a piano player, with this very complicated piece called “La Cinquette,” and from that moment on he stopped playing piano live, and he developed stage fright. So we find the character in this moment where he’s heading to perform again for the first time in five years, with great trepidation. It’s the last thing that he wants to do...