320 - Wilko Johnson Rocks

Speaker: Mark Worden (Standard British accent)

Wilko Johnson was the guitarist with Dr. Feelgood, the “pre-punk” group that had a number one album in 1976. In 2009 Julien Temple made a documentary about them called Oil City Confidential. He talked about Wilko:

Julien Temple (Standard British accent)

And, you know, Wilko Johnson is a genuine... a guitar player who was an extraordinary figure on stage. He’s a genuine, real genuine Eng. Lit, English eccentric, and a kind of Cockney savant, like William Blake or something, I think, he’s a complete one off and very engaging to watch, and... and listen to.

(Julien Temple was talking to Mark Worden)

Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey
Going Back Home

Roger Daltrey, former lead singer of the legendary British group The Who, probably doesn’t need an introduction: Wilko Johnson, former lead guitarist of another great British group, Dr. Feelgood, probably does. The two decided to record an album of classic “British R’n’B songs,” but the project was delayed when it was announced (last year) that Wilko had pancreatic cancer. And yet, instead of giving up, he carried on recording and, as a result, Going Back Home will be released by Chess Records this month.