328 - Broadway: the Price of Success


Speaker: Mark Worden (Standard British accent)

If you’ve ever wondered why tickets to Broadway musicals are so expensive, then New York tour guide Laurent Nahon has the answer:

Laurent Nahon (Standard American accent)

Why are musicals so expensive to produce? And it’s one of the biggest issues for the producer, those who make the musical happen on Broadway, to produce a show at a cost-effective rate, that can also bring in an audience, that the audience can actually afford to come and see the show. When we go to see a musical on Broadway, we see maybe 25 or 30 people on the stage. What we don’t realise is that it takes over 100 people in the building in order to make that musical happen, every single performance. There’s more than 70 people behind the scenes, from the ushers to the costume people, the people that work with the wardrobe, the people that deal with the lights, the sound engineers, the stage managers, there’s so many people that it takes to run a Broadway musical and all those people have to be paid, and the writer has to be paid to write the piece, the composer, in this case, of the musical, the choreographer, all of their assistants have to be paid, we have a director. And then, because it’s a musical and it tells a very big story, normally, and it tells it on a very grand scale, like an opera, right? There’s very big sets and they all have to be moved and they all have to be fixed and repainted all the time. So there’s a lot of upkeep to keep a Broadway musical going. (Laurent Nahon was talking to Lorenza Cerbini. For more information about his tours, go to: www.laurenttours.com)