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Speaker: Mark Worden (Standard British accent):
In addition to her singing, Cher is also famous for the colourful costumes she wears on stage. So we asked her whether she had ever had a fashion disaster:
Cher (Standard American accent)
Just one thing. It was terrible! I had worn this outfit on my TV show, and it looked totally fine. And then I was... it was a roller skating thing. It was with some guy, actually it wasn’t with the guy, but he came up besides me and they took the picture. And when the flash went off, it went right through my outfit and... and... and I was really… that was the only picture I’ve... I think I’ve ever taken that was a clothing disaster that I hated.

Mark Worden
Cher has been a star since the days of Sonny & Cher in the 1960s. What does it take to survive in show business? 

Show business is a business that eats its young. So it’s a very difficult business. You have to be tough to stay in it. And you have to be tough to stay in it for a long time because, when you go up, there’s no place to go but down. And... and some people stay up forever. That’s just not been my career. My career is like: high, high, low, low. And that’s just...that’s the career... that’s the one I got.