315 - Plain English, Please!

Speaker: Mark Worden (Standard British accent)
The Plain English Campaign is what it says it is: an organisation that campaigns for the use of simple English in documents. It also acts as a consultant to governments and companies around the world, and it operates from offices in the town of New Mills in Derbyshire in England. As company secretary Peter Griffiths explains, it was founded by a remarkablelady from Liverpool called Chrissie Maher:

Peter Griffiths (Standard British/northern accent)
Chrissie did a demonstration on Parliament Square about the appalling state of government forms and the police invited her to move onfrom Parliament Square, ‘cause you’re not allowed to demonstrate there,’ but they used an incredibly complex 100-word sentence to invite her to move on. So she said to the police: “Do you mean you want me to go?” And anyway this was caught by the television cameras. Margaret Thatcher saw it and invited Chrissie to Downing Street to talk to her and eventually she invited Chrissie to become part of the Rayner Review, which dealt with rewriting masses of government forms.    

(Peter Griffiths was talking to Mark Worden)