309 - 3-D Street Art

Joe Hill created a piece of 3-D artwork on the subject of “Wimbledon.” He then took it to Australia:

Joe Hill (Standard British accent)
Next canvas is Wimbledon. So it’s all about Britain as a... a sports enthusiasts destination. It’s about strawberries and cream, it’s about champagne, it’s about celebration, and just one of the most iconic things about Britain and the summer. We’re going to have people sit on the green chair and then the legs are going to extend and it’s going to look like that (sic) they are sitting on an umpire’s chair. We’re in Sydney! It’s our first time in Australia and the first place we come is here! You can’t do much better than that. Already we’ve laid out the artwork. People are loving it, we’ve had the Wimbledon canvas, we’ve got loads of photos, people are being really inventive. It’s... it’s going really well so far and, as you can see, the sun is still very, very good. It’s going to be fun! OK, right, great! Cool!
British tourist (Standard British accent)
Well, I’m amazed at Joe’s artwork. I’ve come all this way, 12,000 miles around the other side of the world, to come and see the best thing in Australia and – what do I find? – it’s British art here right in the heart of Australia: what else could you want?
Joe Hill
It’s a great day for 3-D street art!