305 - Obama or Romney? We Ask Ann Hood

Speaker: Mark Worden (Standard British accent)
Ann Hood is a successful American writer whose novels include The Knitting Circle and The Red Thread. Seeing as the US presidential elections are about to take place, we asked her for her assessment of the two candidates. We began with the challenger, Mitt Romney:
Ann Hood (Standard American accent)
I think he is smarmy. And I think that’s… that’s not… he’s not the first to be that, but I do think he’s a terrible choice. I think he’s… he, more than anyone, he twists facts and what… I don’t know what his plans really are. He has a lot of catchphrases. For example, in the debate: “You want trickle down government.” There’s no such thing! I mean, there’s trickle down economy, but there’s not a trickle government. And he makes up a saying, and no-one knows what it means, but he keeps saying it, and hammering it, and there’s nothing behind it. And I worry about that, I don’t think there’s a lot behind… if he has a lot of plans. If he has them, I’m sure you don’t agree with them! We then asked her about the incumbent, Barack Obama. Ann Hood is a Democrat, but she admits to being disappointed:
Ann Hood I’m not disappointed enough to not vote for him, and I wouldn’t vote for Mitt Romney anyway, but, yeah, I feel like his thoughtfulness is both a strength and a flaw, and I think that he sometimes doesn’t seem as pro-active as I thought he would be, but slow and steady can win the race. I just think he’s… you know, moves at a different pace, but I think, when he won, people expected a lot of razzle dazzle, in a good way, you know, not smoke and mirrors, but, you know, excitement and I don’t think that’s quite paid off.
(Ann Hood was talking to Mark Worden)