305 - Nelly Furtado Day!

TV presenter (Canadian accent) Through all her international success Nelly Furtado has not forgotten her roots on Vancouver Island and today, as Victoria proclaimed March 21st “Nelly Furtado Day,” she jumped on stage to help out when the sound system failed for some entertainers from her old high school.
Reporter (Canadian accent) There are two home town heroes from Victoria who can really pack ‘em in here. One is basketball star Steve Nash; the other, of course, is singing sensation Nelly Furtado, who has gone from local high school talent to international star. She’s playing her home town in concert tonight, but today was all about a civic tribute in her honour as 3,000 people turned out to greet her. Victoria mayor Alan Lowe made it official, proclaiming today as “Nelly Furtado Day” in the capital, an unusual honour last bestowed on... Steve Nash.
Alan Lowe (Canadian accent) March 21st 2007, Nelly Furtado Day in the city of Victoria!
Reporter The Portuguese Canadian has been on a path to stardom from an early age. After leaving Mount Doug High School she embarked on a career that has taken her around the world, but her family still lives here and her roots also remain. In her acceptance speech she became emotional at times, reflecting on her past.
Nelly Furtado (Canadian accent) I’d like to dedicate this to Mr. Cloak, who’s not with us anymore... my drama teacher at Mount Doug, who is a... a real rebel, a real rebel.
Reporter Dancers, some of them from her old high school, then took the stage to perform to some of her songs, but then disaster strikes: the sound system fails, prompting Nelly to come to the rescue with an unscheduled performance.
Nelly Furtado Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh, yeah, yeah!
Announcer (Canadian accent) Victoria, help out!