302 - When Edwin Moses Went for Gold

Nos Jogos Olímpicos de 1976, Edwin Moses ganha a medalha de ouro nos 400m com barreiras.

First commentator (Standard American accent)
In Lane Number 4 the man, Edwin Moses of the United States, (his) home town in Dayton, Ohio. He is a math physics major and a junior at Morehouse College on an academic scholarship. He is coached by Lloyd Jackson.

Second commentator (African American accent)
He went to school on a scholastic scholarship, where he majored in math and physics, and he’s carrying a B average. Morehouse College: Martin Luther King, Maynard Jackson, a lot of great people.

First commentator
Now, let’s see whether or not Edwin Moses adds his name to that illustrious group of people who have attended Morehouse College. Let’s see whether or not the people in Dayton, Ohio have a chance to stand and cheer to their hearts’ content as one of their native sons wins a medal, perhaps a gold.

Olympic official (Hispanic accent)

First commentator
Into the set. And we’ve got a fair start. Coming up on the first hurdle, everybody’s clean, but in Lane Number 6 Alfonso of Cuba makes the early move, Alfonso of Cuba makes the early move, now here is Pascoe, Pascoe, but Edwin Moses looks in good shape. Mike Shine, Mike Shine running in Lane Number 1, has also got to be in good shape coming off the curve. Gavrilenko out in Lane Number 8. Now here comes Edwin Moses, Moses has got to be alone, coming off the turn, Mike Shine inside, running with Gavrilenko, Quentin Wheeler is off the pace, Edwin Moses running away with it, Mike Shine is second, Gavrilenko is third. It is Moses! It is Shine! It is Gavrilenko! Wheeler is fourth, and the time 47.65, unofficially.