298 - Welcome to Coney Island!

Haley Tanner (Standard American accent)
So Coney Island was a beachfront vacation town and it’s… it’s now a boardwalk and there’s a… a side show… a side show theatre, where there are magic acts acts and there’s burlesque and every year there is a Mermaid Parade where people dress up as sea creatures and parade along the boardwalk. It’s sort of become… it’s sort of become a wild and subversive place… but it’s also an amusement park where there’s a famous rollercoaster, the Cyclone, and there’s an enormous Ferris wheel, called the Wonder Wheel, and it’s a popular place to take your kids and your family and it’s a… very… it’s a… it’s a… it’s a… it’s a juxtaposition of… of day and night and like… light and dark and family and very “not-family” activities that happen!

(Haley Tanner was talking to Mark Worden)